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Well, our season is winding down, closing golf course and restaurant the end of October and I am really looking forward to finishing!

We are holding a "Turkey Tourney" on Nov. 6, a golf scramble in which they need to bring a frozen turkey or ham to be donated to the local food pantries. Evidently that used to be a tradition here, and we liked the idea so we are bringing it back. Full thanksgiving dinner afterward and a certificate for 18 holes of golf next season, so we are hoping for lots of entries, although everyone waits until the end. Sort of stinks for us trying to plan how much food to prepare!

We hosted a sorority formal last Saturday night - interesting experience. They just wanted apps, and somehow I thought they would be munching all night long. But instead 100 people showed up via buses and at 6 p.m., they were starved and viewed it as a meal and inhaled everything. They were specific about the amount of food they ordered, so I was not putting out anything more, but the mozzarella sticks that I planned on 3 per person were inhaled 5 and 6 at a crack by the first ones through the line. It was an interesting experience and again, we learned from our mistakes. We will do better for the next time (which is Nov. 19th, yay!)

As I expected, the Fine Diners are coming out of the woodwork, all cranky that my menu is decreasing by the day, all demanding lemons with their water, and rolls with their meals and disappointed that salads don't come with their entrees, and really annoyed that I took the cost of the chicken salad off as their free entree as opposed to the $15 meal that they intended me to deduct. Can't wait to be done with them!

I also can't wait until I can have the time to go back through all these posts I have missed all of you and can't wait to hear all these yummy recipes and decide which ones I might be able to incorporate into my menu next year.

So, I will be looking forward to joining all of you guys here in another few weeks!
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Linda, I'd be counting the hours!!!

Good to hear from you,that you're still alive and kickin' (cookin"???).

Didn't you know what incredible appetites college kids have? I've seen the most petite sorority gals inhale large quantities of food, much less the big guys.

The Fine Diners is one thing that you will not be repeating, no? It's amazing how.... cheap... some people can be when there's a BOGO meal on the line.

You sound as though you're holding up well, keeping your (very necessary) sense of humor, and check back in when you can. We look forward to seeing more of you in the winter months!

Oh, and will you be closing the restaurant to all customers, or remaining open for holiday parties?

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Whew! You survived - maybe by the skin of your teeth - but you and Chels survived!!!

Good luck on the Turkey Tourney. That sounds like a lot of fun.

Now you've got some time to relax and enjoy, make plans for next year, and visit here! We've missed you!

Hugs to you both.
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Sounds like a great first year... lots of catching up here and elsewhere in your life! Looking forward to having you around the forum again!
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Great to hear from you, Linda. It sounds like you did very well for your first year. There are probably a lot of things that you will change next season and hopefully, that will eliminate some aggravation. I think I would eliminate the Fine Diners for sure, but that of course, is up to you.

Is there any way to find out how many people attended the T-day dinner last year? I'll be sending you good thoughts for a perfect weather day.

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The tourney hasn't been held for probably 10 years, we are starting up the event again, so it is a shot in the dark. At one point they used to have 150 participants, had a dump truck loaded with turkeys that went to the food bank. I would love to do that again, but we will see.

NOOOO to the Fine Diners. Next year's card is out and we are OFF!

And yes, we are going to open for private parties, I would like to be able to suck up some Christmas parties and this sorority/fraternity venue sound like it might have some possibilities. I just received another call from a third one that is looking at Nov. 13, Nov. 19 is already booked for one.

And you are right about the sororities vs. fraternities - the ones we hosted in the spring - the girls packed away tons more food than the boys did!! But these kids had just ordered 5 different apps, double orders of each, but each order was geared for 25 people, they had over 100 attending. It wasn't supposed to be a meal!!! Plus it didn't help that at the very same time, Chelsea had a table of 8 going out and all of them had special requests for their meals. Never fails!

God love Kendra, she came down, plopped Ava in her car seat and just washed dishes for us and ran ice for the bar while that little one slept in a corner! It was a hectic couple of hours. But I am going for every cent I can at this point.

Gosh I can't wait to come back here on a regular basis!!!
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A little advice about dealing with the frats and sororities... get a big damage deposit!!! Also, they are known to sneak in flasks, and pre-party on the way to the event. The place we go dancing is also a banquet hall -- the owner is considering not taking any more business from them.
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Well said, Jeannette. Very sensible advice.

We all miss you too, Linda. Can't wait to have you back on a regular basis. I'll bet you have plenty of stories to tell.

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We'll be welcoming you back, Linda. And congrats on what sounds like a pretty successful first season !
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Congratulations on surviving the season! I am also looking forward to seeing you around more. I've missed you as well. But I do hope you can grab a few more parties...icing on the cake!
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