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Next to my Jane and our Jean I love Barefoot. Anthony Bourdain sold out Houston's Jones Hall for a speaking engagement earlier this month where he trashed every TV chef, except Ina. He said it was impossible not to like her--"she's just too nice". In an interview with the Houston Chronicle she said she has only fixed one thing her husband Jeffrey didn't like--a ground beef and corn casserole (if I had her address I would send her a copy of Jeans "Black Beans and Corn"). Ina is not professionally trained. She has a new book--"Barefoot Contessa: How Easy Is That?"
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Wow, thank you for the kind words!! I'm with you, Ina is one of my favorites also. In all those years, one dish, huh? That's quite a record.

Roy and I still laugh about the dried shrimp 'thing' I tried to make in 1968!!! Oh, it was sooooooo bad.
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Have to agree. She's right up there with our Jean!! Well, Bob and I love Jean's laugh, Ina's not so much. LOL

Ina was cooking from the new book on Today yesterday. Looked really good - and very easy.
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Still have never seen Ina, so don't know.

A while back, I mentioned having found that one of the TV channels here has old Nigella Lawson, Bill Granger, Jamie Oliver and Kitchen Nightmares shows. Well, after having watched some of each of them for a while, I would say that Bill Granger is pretty good, but Nigella tends to be boring. Some of her recipes sound okay, but nothing particularly special - more like Betty Crocker. I would say that I find Rachael Ray much more interesting for cooking AND hosting, although she does have a bit of the "Betty Crocker" feel, as well.

Kitchen Nightmares is different, and certainly not for everyone, but it's an okay diversion, once in a while. I like Gordon Ramsay, but the eventual (i.e. a couple years after the show; the second one just a month ago) suicides of two of the castigated restaurateurs does leave one wondering where the line should be drawn.

Jamie Oliver was the one who surprised me. Although I had heard of him for quite a while, I had never seen him until I watched the relatively recent Food Revolution series. That series was far from the greatest, but I had gotten the impression that the problem was not with Jamie Oliver but with the behaviours and attitudes of the people he encountered in the American public-school system. Now that I have seen some of Jamie's earlier shows, I can see that my impression was accurate. In a number of his earlier shows, he worked with his "Fifteen Foundation" to provide problematic youths (esp. those with histories of drugs, alcohol and crime) with positive opportunities to become legitimate chefs (not just cooks, but with their own restaurants, etc.) and was successful in doing so. When one sees what he was able to do for those kids, is isn't difficult to see that the teachers and administrators in Food Revolution had no idea what had hit them and that they just weren't prepared to (nor about to) change. In particular, this did show through in a couple episodes of Food Revolution where he worked with the kids, instead of the teachers and administrators.

So, of all the cooking-related shows on that channel, those with Jamie Oliver are, by far, the best, the most interesting and the most informative. Maybe, one of these days, I'll get to see Ina Garten. I'll have to check YouTube to see if there are any clips of her there.
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I really like her too - she's relaxing to watch and listen to versus uh, Rachel Ray.

She has a great way to make shrimp cocktail. Instead of boiling the shrimp she roasts them. We made them last year on our anniversary. Very nice.
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"Instead of boiling the shrimp she roasts them." - Does Ina do this also?? or me.
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She did mention she got the idea from you!
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I'll be darned - I've been doing this method for years.

(thank you, lab)
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I like her, also. Her recipes are so doable and her personality doesn't grate on your nerves.
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She is my all time favorite. I have not made anything of hers we did not love. Given a choice of recipes for the same dish, I usually try hers first. Her rugelach is always on my holiday tray and her lemon curd is the best IMHO. I have all her cookbooks and plan to get the new one as soon as I see it at Costco. Love her show.
One of my favorite bits of her bio:"In Washington, Garten worked in the White House and took business courses at George Washington University, eventually earning an MBA, while her husband worked in the State Department and completed his graduate studies. Originally employed as a low-level government aide, she climbed the political ladder and was assigned the position of budget analyst, which entailed writing the nuclear energy budget and policy papers on nuclear centrifuge plants for Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter."
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