O.T. A Great Book!
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I just posted a review of a book I just finished about 1 hour ago over on the C@H bookshelf thingee.

I just sat down this afternoon knowing I had to finish this one - it's been a long time since a book has grabbed me like this one. The 12th Hour by Richard Doetsch. Oh my.
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Thanks Jean!

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Wait. I posted a reply to this just after Maryann about a half hour ago-- I'm sure of it...

Anyway, I said that I was just thinking that the books I've been reading lately haven't been "doing it" for me lately and I need to find something else. Now I have! Thanks, Jean.

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It sounds good Jean. I'm just starting a 30+ hour Ken Follet, but I'll put this on my wish list at Audible.
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