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A little bit of the ridiculous for your amusement...

My subscription renewal to Real Simple came in the mail recently and, to “entice” me to sign up for another year, they included a booklet of Party Shortcuts --Tips for Easier Entertaining. It is a small (about 3"x5"), thin, 8 page booklet with some of the silliest “advice” I’ve seen.

My favorite was
“Give the Signal To Go”
Do it gently by bringing out hot chocolate in paper party cups with “Thanks for Coming” written on them.

The head-slapping “duh” tip?
Save half-used bottles of wine...

Okay, maybe I’m being “picky”… but they all seemed just so silly! I'm not about to give out cups of hot chocolate with "thanks for coming!" written on them,and would anyone toss half-used bottles of wine?

BTW, it is a good magazine. Maybe it's because they usually have such good information that this booklet seemed so odd (even if there’s way too much info in each issue for me to retain for any length of time and the prices of the clothes they feature stun me a bit); Amazon has a yearly subscription for $10 this week only.

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I would love to subscribe, I love that magazine and it might be real practical now - but I already get so many magazines that we might have to get another trailer to haul them all around, can't throw them out!
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I subscribed for years, but after a while it felt like recycled information and I'd rather have a good cooking magazine. There are only so many ways one can organize a closet. However, I think it is a great gift for folks starting out on their own, since it covers many areas and has a wealth of interesting and useful household and wardrobe hints.
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I can just imagine the looks on my guests faces if I handed out 'thank you for coming' cocoa.....geez.
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I know someone who actually stood up at 9:30 and announced to her dinner guests that it was lovely having them and the evening was over because they get up early!

No, I wasn't there, but would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one...

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That just boggles my mind, Maryann.
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I admit that when people first get to know my wife and I, they find out early that we go to bed at 9 and calling other than emergencies is not met with smiling, chipper demeanors. Recently a new boyfriend of a long time girlfriend of my wifes called at 9:10. I answered and knew who it was by the sound of the voice but refused to play the "who is this?" game. In the end we're all still friends and he doesn't call after 9! lol. There are much better ways to move a party along than making an announcement.
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Vicci, I agree, both of those ideas are ridiculous. Half empty bottles of wine are rare, but it would never occur to anyone to throw them out. Isn't that why there are so many different corks on the market, including those to be used with the little vacuum sealer? Sheesh.
And as far as the "you're overstaying your welcome" cocoa cups.......maybe for certain family members

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I did have an open house where one couple showed up at about 15 minutes before the set ending time. Then they stayed for about a half hour past the ending time. I wouldn't have cared if it was someone that I enjoyed visiting with, but they wouldn't take a hint. I wished I had cocoa go cups for them! Instead I just suffered through it.
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That is just hilarious! Who would throw out perfectly good wine?!?!? DUH!
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