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While reading Sharon's message in Maryann's thread about her mom's recipe cards, etc., I got an idea. A while back I picked up the Premiere issue of Yum magazine. I talked about it on here. One of the things I liked about the magazine was their ideas for entertaining.

There was this one spread about using picture frames for trays. Some frames had old botanical posters...very pretty, but my favorite was the one with a collage of postcards. They had some flipped over to show the picture side and some showing the handwritten message. It was very cool.

Now for my idea. Why not imitate the postcard idea, but use old family photos and old handwritten recipe cards...the messier and stained, the better. I think that would make a great memento, but also a great serving tray for a table scape.

Whatcha think?
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I love that idea! I can think of lot's of take off's on that. We've talked about doing something similar in the cookbook - having some pages like that.
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What a great idea, Daphne! I have all of the family albums right now and a whole box of my mom's handwritten recipes!

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Now, since I didn't see the article with the trays, did they replace the glass with something non-breakable? Like plexiglass? It sounds like a fun idea, and I have a lot of antique wood frames in the attic. Just what I need- another project!!

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I've also seen some old handwritten recipes framed and hung on kitchen walls - really looks neat - one I saw had the picture of the woman and her recipes were helter skelter around her picture. looked neat.

Those would be fun servng trays, Daphne.
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It didn't go into detail, Vicci. I assumed it was the original glass, but of course, Plexiglas might be safer. Then again, Plexiglas would scratch more easily AND is more expensive I discovered recently. I don't know why glass wouldn't be fine. You'd just have to be careful. If I remember correctly, we got a tray for a wedding gift with an insert. The giver had placed a cross stitch poem or something inside. It was glass.
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