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I know several of you use MasterCook software. Living Cookbook imports recipes and cookbooks from other formats including MasterCook. Is the reverse true? As I was readding the other thread concerning the extra cookbooks, I was thinking of incorporating the information into LC, so it could be easily searchable. When I look at new (or old) issues of magazines, when I find a recipe I like, I enter the title, a couple of main ingredients and the source into LC. That way when I have 2 lbs. of chicken breast and want to find recipes that use that ingredient, the to be tried magazine recipes appear as well. I can easily find and isolate all the C@H (or CI or Epi, or Ina, etc.) recipes and create a file that can be shared. I was wondering if MC had the same capability. Thanks for humoring me.
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Mastercook won't "read" a Living Cookbook file, I don't think. But I can sort the recipes from the source, author, or category. (If I remember to check the category.)
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Thanks, that is too bad. Prevents sharing across platforms without a lot of work.

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