What's for Dinner, Monday, 12/6??
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What's on everyone's menu for tonight?

We're leaving Portland this a.m. and will be in Medford for dinner with madmax, so don't know what's on the menu forus.

We had a ball yesterday - I googled to see where I could get a crab po'boy and one of the places that came up was EaT OYSTER BAR, so we headed there for brunch. As we came into sight of the place there were three big smokers out front on the sidewalk, smokin' away sending the most wonderful smells into the neighborhood.


As we went thru the front door, dixieland hit us in the face played by three scruffy looking musicians and we found our feet and hands stomping and clapping immediately!

And don't you love the band's name - Reggie Houston’s Box of Chocolates featuring Turtle Vandamar & Tim Acott
[Image: EatOysterBar002.jpg]

The tables were full, so we headed for the bar and had Bloody Marys (excellent, by the way) and then finally got a table. Besides anticipating the po'boy, I was so excited to see Biegnets on the menu with a bourbon sauce. I didn't get a picture of them, we all just scarfed those down immediately and were they ever good!!

I don't know the correct or accepted shape for these, when I've made them, I just dropped a 'glop' of dough in the fat and they were balls, but these were oval shaped and flat on the top and bottom. Anyone know if this is the correct way? And, if so, my batter must have been looser than theirs. Whatever, they were delicious!!

The boys both drooled over Hangtown Fry on them menu, it so seldom is offered anymore, and they order this -
[Image: EatOysterBar004.jpg]

Oh man, this was the best Hangtown Fry I've ever tasted and we've had them in Truckee and Placerville where they were 'invented'!!

I finally got to taste a softshelled crab and a po'boy at the same time - have never had either. Well, gotta say the sandwich was 'running down your arm' good, but I do prefer Dungeness crab.

[Image: EatOysterBar005-1.jpg]
For those who have had these, is this what they look like when served back in Po'boy country?? The fries must have been cooked in the same oil as the crab and oysters, 'cause they were just delicious. (Oh, speaking of oysters, we also had to try an Oyster shooter which almost put us under the table!!
But, I'm glad I tried one finally. On the menu for lunch/dinner, they offer CATFISH PO'BOYS, so you know we're stopping there on our way back up north to have one of those bad boys.

Then we headed back to Don's and played with his stir-fry book and tasted some wines. Fun day.
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What a fun day, Jean! The food looks/sounds great and entertainment on top of it! Can't do better than that.

When we had biegnets (is that how you spell that?) in New Orleans, they were kind of oval shaped and dusted with powdered sugar. Bourbon sauce sounds even better!

The one and only soft-shelled crab sandwich that I ever had was in Cape May, NJ, and was quite disappointing. Maybe I expected too much, but it didn't have much flavor and was too crunchy. (maybe overcooked?) But, that is what it looked like.

Dinner tonight will be pulled pork sandwiches. I put a heavy rub on the pork and put it in the crockpot overnight. Wow! Not sure what else, I have to go grocery shopping. Frig is rather empty since Ron was gone and I haven't re-stocked yet. We're getting a lot of snow right now, so I may just cook out of the pantry for a day or two.

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Hopefully we're having our crab feed today. Since I'm trying to behave (a bit) I think I'll marinate the cracked crab in white wine, olive oil, garlic, and herbs. I'll serve it with garlic bread and a salad.

They were out of crab yesterday!
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I have my son's annual IEP meeting after school today so that will set the whole homework ball back so I'm going to be smart and make something that doesn't need any tending so I can help Michael with his homework and not stress out about dinner.

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I hope the IEP goes well Trixxee, and that your son only has a little bit of HW so the evening is easy as well!

We're having stir-fried orange chicken with broccoli and brown rice. It's one of my favorite stir-fries.
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Wow, what a fun place. The beignets I've had a square or rectangular. We have made them from the Cafe Du Monde mix and you end up rolling the dough and cutting into squares or rectangles and then frying. They puff up in the middle.
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Erin's right about the beignets. They were square little pillows, deep-fried with a ton of powdered sugar. They are served warm at Cafe du Monde with cafe au lait. Wonderful!

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I hope the IEP goes well Trixxee, and that your son only has a little bit of HW so the evening is easy as well!

Thank you karyn! I don't expect any surprises - last week his teacher told me he's actually astounded at how much progress Michael is making, both academically and socially. You know it's funny the things we parents worry about. At the beginning of the year I was concerned about Michael being mainstreamed and switching classes/teachers several times a day (thought it might stress him out) but now that I think about it, that's how junior high will be next year so he's just that much more ahead of the game now by experiencing that. Hey, if there is something for me to worry about, I'll find it at 3:00am every morning.
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Trixxee, I'm glad Michael is adjusting well. I really worried about Will, and since he didn't start changing classes until he left my school, I was doubly worried. In the end, they put him in a self-contained class for the first time in his life. It was a real challenge for the EC teacher to keep him busy, since his Tourettes is more of a social issue for him rather than academic. (He and I both wonder at times if he doesn't have Asperberger's (sp) instead.) The teacher had to scramble daily to keep him challenged...LOL!
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Thank you Daphne. I take it Will did just fine!

I can't tell you how relieved I am right now - we talked about 7th grade a bit and I relayed my concerns (PE, changing clothes quickly, lockers, finding his way around campus, etc.) and I had no idea that if Michael attends summer school this summer it would be at the jr. high. He'd have several weeks to adjust to the campus and it would be fairly unpopulated then. I'm telling you, a 100 weight fell off my shoulders. We are definitely taking advantage of this. I know he's not overjoyed but we'd be crazy not to "practice" for a few weeks. School is over at noon. Plenty of time for him to do his thing in the afternoons.

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