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I just wanted to share this article. As most of you know I am married to a Calif. Hwy Patrol man. Derek has worked for the CHP for 25 years, the last 6 as a Sgt. We have had some interesting days, scary days, horrific days, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.

Well a woman wrote an article what it was like to be an LEO wife (Law Enforcement Officer).

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What a beautiful article! I honestly can't imagine living with the stress she describes, and love her positive attitude.

My thanks Derek and all of his colleagues for the services they provide and the sacrifices they make for our families and communities.
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Well, crap, I can't seem to open anything that is a link in a post today...will try later.

As the mother of a CHP, I can't imagine being married to one - talk about stress. I salute all!!
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Thank you to you and Derek for what you both do! And for those in every state and town where we all live.
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That article left me speechless, Denise. What a sacrifice all of you make to keep our families safer. Like someone else said, I can't imagine living under that kind of stress. Everyone looks forward to retirement, but for you and Derek, that takes on a whole new meaning!

May God bless all the men, women and families of law enforcement personnel and keep them safe!

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Read it to the end. Well written piece and as a result I have greater respect for the people I know in law enforcement.
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Thank you all so much I have so many people ask me "How can you be married to a cop?" or "what is like being married to a cop?" I have always just said it's different Then a friend share this article with me yesterday and I was like Yes!! This is my life...this is my "different" put into words!
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Well done! I couldn't help but get choked up. What a life! What dedication on both your parts!

I add my thanks to you and Derek and all the other law enforcement officers who keep us safe or support the ones who do.
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Denise - as I said on FB, Bob and I are very proud and honored to have you and Derek as friends.

So much of the life described in the article is a description of my oldest daughter's life - maybe even a little more intense in some ways, he is a Correctional Officer and the level of "security" in their life is very very high.

Both of my nephews are in Law Enforcement. It's not an easy job, but both of them wanted to be in Law Enforcement since they were kids.

Thanks to all LEOs!!!
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Denise, my father was a Wisconsin Highway Patrolman (WHP). Back in the day of CHiPs I called my dad a WHiP. Quite heroic stuff these men do on a daily basis. It takes a special person to do it and do it well. They are selfless and brave and take command of every situation.
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