Review: Billy's B'day Dinner
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Well, I screwed up and didn't get this one done yet - but, since I love everything on the menu, I'm sure I'll get it done...... I apologize for starting this and then not following thru.

Hope others enjoyed it -

Billy’s 2010 Birthday Memorial Dinner

Roast Beef and Couscous Wraps

Potato & Leek Soup

Baked Eggs with Mushroom Sauce
Hot Cooked Pasta (of choice)

Flourless Chocolate Cake
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Jean don't feel too bad. We just didn't get there either. On top of everything else I yanked something out of whack in my back - Bob had to finish cooking dinner last night.
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This is strange. I posted this morning and my reply is gone! Why does that happen?

Anyway, I didn't get all the dishes completed either, but did make the potato leek soup (we loved it) and the baked egg dish (yummy) but did not put it on pasta as someone suggested. That sounded so good, I'll have to try that next time.

Billy would be so thrilled that we are using the book you made, Jean. When he liked a recipe, he got so excited about it and wanted everyone to try it. I have made his chicken and dumpling recipe a few times and I remember him being delighted that we liked it. And when he made his souffle, it just made me want to jump up and start making one.

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I'm afraid I failed to complete the task as well. I just don't think William will go for couscous again, plus it's not available around here. As badly as I want to make the cake, I'm waiting for Christmas. AND I've got 3/4 of TWO cheesecakes in my freezer! The soft egg kinda worries me still, but I will probably get around to that. I've just been so sick! BUT I DID make the soup (sicky food). It was very good, and we will have it again.
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