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Thanks to Theresa's suggestion I checked the store for Carmenere, today. As it turned out, the items on sale had changed and the Malbec was no longer on sale, but the Carmenere was, so I picked up a bottle of that - also Casillero del Diablo (which, I forgot to mention earlier, is one of the Concha y Toro brands).

This time, I noticed plums AND blackberries and maybe even a hint of chocolate and, indeed, that is about what the label on the bottle said when I read it afterwards. I also thought it seemed a little smoother than the Malbec.

Upon additional comparison, I decided that I actually like the Malbec best, then the Carmenere, then the Tempranillo, but that EACH is very tasty.
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Thanks for the info, Labs. I'm definitely going to pick up a bottle of each next time I go to the city.
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So glad you like it, Rob. I just love the stuff. Another good winemaker in Chile is Casa Lapostolle and if you see that on sale, jump on it!

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I often buy the Choncha Y Toro Frontera which is a blend of Cabernet and Merlot. Just a nice drinking red wine.

I will have to look for the Carmenere and the Malbec. Always leary of buying and not liking. I have been trying to be more adventurous with Zin's lately.
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Erin, we just tried some new (to us) wines last night - one was a Trader Joe's Zin. We're going to look for it along the way as we travel. There were two other wines we tried last night also, but they (my notes) are still packed away, so will post what they were later.

some good tastings, that's for sure!!
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I love malbec and will have to try this Carmenere very soon.
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