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We did an event for the winery staff last night at the owner's house. What an incredible house. We followed MapQuest, and we landed at another vineyard. We quickly realized that she owns both of them. No address on the house, so we had to knock to see if we were at the right place. Since it was an offsite event, we had to haul everything up 25 marble stairs. Very hard on the legs and back. She told us we had free range of the kitchen, use anything we needed, including the fridge. Well, I only found one fridge in the pantry room (it was the size of my kitchen). Very nice glass front fridge and ocersize stainless steel freezer. I found it a bit strange that the fridge would not be in the kitchen. There was a whole bank of floor to ceiling cupboards in the kitchen, and while looking for a bowl, lo and behold, there is a double built in fridge , each side about 4 feet wide, with built in freezer drawers underneath. I was astounded. Only 1 adult and 2 teenagers live in the house. It had a 6 top GenAir, 2 built in ovens, microwave, a 16 ft long granite island, built in ice maker. In the arch way, if you pressed on the panelling, one was a spice rack, the other side held cookbooks. Someone thought out that kitchen really well!
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It sounds nice, Lorraine! (Well, except for the 25 steps) Did you take any pictures or did you feel that was not proper since you were in her home? So, what did you prepare for this event?

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AMAZING!!!! A dream kitchen, for sure.
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I would have asked if I could live there...right there in the kitchen
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Denise, I only saw 1/2 of the house (one wing). I could have hung out in the laundry room (2 sets of state of the art washers/dryers) for two weeks and noone would have found me. there was also a washroom with a built in raised shower for the dogs. There were 3 tables to eat at, excluding the formal dining room. I counted 4 wood burning fireplaces, who knows how many there are in the rest of the house. Two tennis courts, inground heated pool, private lake, hot tub. Heck, I had no qaulms taking pictures! I took one of the double fridge. I'll send it to Jean, maybe she can post it here.
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Gosh I wish you could have gotten a few pics, but I am sure that would be an invasion of privacy. But geez I want to see it!
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darn, we have to get on the road - keep this one alive for me until we settle and I can read it slowly!!!
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It will be alive in my mind for a long time, Jean!

Next weekend will be another fun event. He got an email out of the blue from a lady wanting a formal sit down dinner for 12 of her closest friens. When we met with her, at her horse farm, turns out she also owns a restaurant. She wants the whole kit and kaboodle, a caviar bar (she is buying the caviar, $270.00 for 4 oz, she's buying 2-3 of them), 3 passed apps, soup, salad, intermezzo, main, dessert, cheese. She is bringing in a somellier to do a wine pairing. Dessert will be the Cabernet Chocolate Pyramid Cakes. She wasn't too enthused about how I would dress them, and as I joke I said I wished I had some gold leaf. without batting a eye, she said, if you can get it here in time, I'll pay for it. She gave us her order for linens, glass ware, china, etc, $700.00 worth. We have done weddings for 250 where the linens didn't cost much more than that. She wants bling, pizzazz, you name it, and we will give it to her! I'm thinking there's a whole world of money in this area that I didn't know existed. I will be very happy if we can tap into it.
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Sounds like the kitchen from heaven . . . as I look at my tiny galley in the motor home . I can't wait to see the picture.

The upcoming event sounds like a ball. WOW!!! I know you and Gil will blow her socks off!!!
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