Which issue? beef roast with gremolata coating
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I went through the binders and didn't find it on the cover or on any of our post-its on the top edges of the magazines. I tried searching online extras and this forum and I didn't find it. What is the best way to find out which issue a beloved recipe is hiding in?
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Welcome to our forum! I hope you'll come back and share your favorite recipes. I'd love to hear more about this one!

Now to your question. There is now an online index that can be found on the Customer Service page. You just log in and click on the left on Online Index. Let me see what I can find searching for gremolata.

Searching Gremolata I found the following possibilities. Does this help?

-Braised short ribs with gremolata pasta

Cuisine at home No. 53 (October 2005), pages 17-19

Bored with pot roast? This time, braise short ribs — they're flavorful, tender, and very chic.

-Classic Roast Beef

Cuisine at home No. 41 (October 2003), pages 6-9

Old fashioned roast beef never goes out of style! The right cut and cooking technique make dinner a snap.


Cuisine No. 7 (February 1998), pages 6-11

Tender braised veal served with gremolada. A classic Italian dish puts you in the heart of Milan.
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Welcome to the forum, Mark, and I hope you find the recipe soon.
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Welcome to the forum Curious Mark (brother of Curious George? ).

Is THIS the right recipe?
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