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Has anyone, using a Mac, heard of a program called YummySoup?

It's the closest I can find without spending a lot to get a decent recipe app program. The only down side (not a deal breaker) is it doesn't have grocery lists or nutritional info.
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Sorry Denise, have not heard of it. Are you really the only one on the forum using a Mac? Is it getting any easier?

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I can barely spell 'Mac' good luck, Denise.
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Lol I guess I am haha. I'll blaze the trail!
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There is one called Macgourmet.
Here is the link
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Whoever writes such a program should call it "Mac & Cheese." LOL!

Seriously, my initial, cursory search turned up scads of options - don't know how good, but numerous. There's the freeware Measuring Cup and a boat-load of "shareware" options: Good luck!
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I have a Mac, too. Actually, it's mostly Hubby's because I have a PC and a work laptop. My MC is on the PC that needs to be retired and I'll put my recipes on the Mac eventually.

So.... Denise, I'm really happy that you're in the same boat and am looking forward to learning from you!
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Well I went ahead and downloaded it. Now for the fun of seeing if I can grab recipes from various sites and import.

Ok so far loving it! I have "recipe" boxes on Epicurious and Foodnetwork and it quickly grabbed them and imported them for me. That was nice. I've also grabbed a few from here, those you do manually pretty much like MasterCook. Highlight the title and click title etc.

Also right now because of the new Mac Store it's also 50% off. Forgot to mention that. $14.95 and I used my iTunes credits to get it
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Ok being sick all day has had one advantage. I have just finished typing up all the recipes I had written down on scrapes of paper, copied from a book or from a friend, into my new program YummySoup. About 172 so far. Now my luck that I've tossed them once inputted my new computer will probably crash tomorrow and I'll be dumpster diving to get them all back

I LOVE this program. So anyone with a Mac looking for good software this is it. I am amazed at how fast it imports recipes from a lot of the food sites.

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