Poblano Corn Chowder
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I made the corn chowder today. From the Spendid Soups book....It is really good. I have been on a soup kick the past week or two and I have tried several of them. Verde Chili was great. I also made the Margherita (sp)Lasagna from Holiday book and I made the lasagna myself with white whole wheat flour and it was absolutly wonderful. I have made Paella before but I am going to do the easy version in the Soup Cookbook and see how it compares.
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Thanks for the reviews, Jayne! It's good to see you jumping in here more!

I'll have to check out that lasagna! I love the idea of a Margherita version. I don't remember seeing that one.
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That actually sounds soo good right now
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We love the Poblano corn chowder and it's time to make it again! thanks for bringing it up.
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Thank you for the reviews, Jayne! I have that book and haven't used it much. Don't know why...we love soup. Going to get it out right now.

Oh, and as Daphne said, it's nice to see you joining in, Jayne. Stay with us, we have a great time!

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I agree that the corn chowder and chili verde are great. Just made a batch of the chili verde this week. Haven't tried the lasagna from the Holiday book, yet, but I'm sure I'd like it too!

Thanx, Jayne!!
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Thanks for the review. We love poblanos, so will have to go dig out that book!
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