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I have a dinner coming up for one of Maggie's former teachers and her husband. The purpose of this dinner is to, of course, see them both. BUT I need to be as hands-free as possible to spend some time consulting regarding my business with her teacher.

I plan on having some appetizers: perhaps a bruschetta bar, I loved that the last time I did it. But what I would really love to do is a dip, shrimp toast and something else like a tepenade.

Then what? I need a low maintenance dinner plan.

Any ideas?

If they tell me meat is okay then I need some killer sides for a prime rib. Anyone have an awesome au gratin potatoes? or other killer potato dish that is easy. Caesar salad. But if they say NO meat, I am at a loss.

Oh and if I can do beef then I want a Whiskey Sour for the drink of the night.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
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When is this dinner? I'll need to think about this.
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I haven't heard back from them yet, but it could be as early as January 22.
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Unless you know, for certain, that none of the guests have food allergies and that all of the guests like shrimp OR you are certain to provide an alternative, I would steer clear of the shrimp toast.

Likewise, tapenade has a pretty intense flavour and even people who love olive oil may not always like THAT much olive flavour all at once. Furthermore, some people just flat-out hate capers. Plus, with the anchovies, there's still the seafood allergies/dislikes to consider.

That isn't to say, absolutely, that you shouldn't serve those items - only that you need to know your guests' tastes and medical conditions well before serving such things or such things should be clearly identified - and alternatives provided - to avoid starving out and/or causing medical problems for the guests.

Hummus would probably be a safer bet than tapenade. With another dip, some pita bread, a couple different kinds of crackers and some crudités, the guests could mix and match as they wish.
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Tapenades are really popular here with our clients. He does a sundried tomato one that is fabulous. The fig/olive one he does can be a bit strong, a little goes a lonng way, but is great on goat cheese crosatini.
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I'm not much help for a few days (see 'what's for dinner' for reason), but I have to disagee with Labs on the shrimp/tapenade ideas. As long as you have the bruschetta 'bar,' there are plenty of alternatives for non-shrimp eaters. And, the tapenade, everyone should try it once and it's amazing how many folks have not.

All this brain can think of right now is a pilaf to go with your prime rib (if chosen) - rice, quinoa, barley, orzo.... Good luck.
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I have an awesome potato gratin recipe that I can send you if you PM me your e-mail address. It's from the CI Best Make Ahead book. Made the entire menu for the holidays twice and it is wonderful!
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Everyone's ideas sound wonderful to me. I love the idea of the bruschetta/tapenade bar. If you need a meatless choice, you could consider eggplant lasagna. My family loves it!

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To take Maryann's idea one step further...you could always do the eight layer lasagna or your favorite version and then your guests would have a choice. It's a great do ahead. And if you REALLY wanted to wow them and don't have seafood allergies, you could add or sub a seafood lasagna. Sharon's got a killer recipe I've always meant to try.
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Creamed corn is always a good side for us with prime rib. Who doesn't like corn? And cream? LOL.

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