Thank You All :)
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You know I was just sitting here thinking how much I really appreciate everyone here. I cannot express how much it means to me when I read the boards and you all include me (and the rest of this wonderful family) in your lives.

When one of us is down, everyone rushes in to help support with posts, PM's, text messages and phone calls. (I'd like to give a personal thank you to many with my recent 'issue')

When we celebrate a milestone, everyone chimes in with praise, hugs, smiles and nods of "I knew they could do it."

When we're hesitant we are prodded forward with "Go on...try got this! And if you need advice we're all right here with you!!"

So from the deepest part of my heart I say Thank You! I have truly grown so fond of many of you And I have grown as an individual because of you.
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Wow, what a mouthful that is! And oh so very true....every last word! I'll second that and add a toast! To all of us! We make a GREAT team! >>>>>Clink<<<<<
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You are our "Sista" - we are family! Isn't it wonderful!

You are such an inspiration to all of us too! Thank you for the wonderful thoughts.
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Denise, you put my thoughts into words. Through the difficulties I have personally faced, this group has always been there for me too. The cheers on the birth of my only grandson, and most recently getting a job, lifted me higher. It is a wonderful feeling to know that wherever I may travel, I will have a friend in place. I think you all know what kind of hug I feel coming on

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You know I am sitting here, missing the opportunities I used to enjoy to share mornings with all of you and yours was the first post I opened. I could not have said it better, Denise! Such a warm support group this forum has been, for each of us as we went through personal and professional issues.

I can't say enough for how much I appreciated everyone's input last year - from the "atta girl" to the "you'll make it through" to the "e-hugs" to the "here's a recipe suggestion" - they all meant so much to me, you all will never know!

While my plan was to get back into the routine of logging on when I would get up at 5:00 like I used back in the day, Miss Ava has had other ideas. Somehow she has adjusted her routine to going to bed at 7 and getting up for chow at 5 with Grammy. Realistically I need to jam as much Grammy time in now before the sh*t hits the fan here in another month or so. So I am still grabbing stolen moments down here at the golf course (where at least I have DSL and am not tearing my hair out with the dial-up at home!).

So I still miss all you guys, still think about you all. And BTW, an update. I actually finished out the year with a PROFIT - okay, it was only $600 , but coming from him losing $250,000 for the last three years I was pretty proud of that accomplishment.

Anyway, again Denise, you expressed exactly what I have thought so very many times this year. So thanks to everyone!
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Eloquently said, feelings reciprocated, thanks issued to all for everything, and love this group we have nutured here.

And, a hearty congratulations, Linda!! You're in the black already!!
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I have nothing else to add that hasn't already been said. Sometimes I may disappear for a couple of days, but it's nice to know that you all are always there to virtually hang out with, and for advice, etc.

Congrats from me, too, Linda-- you did an amazing thing and I am in awe.

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Couldn't have said it any better - I have learned so much from all of you.

I may not participate all the time but sure enjoy reading about all the recipes

and questions. - Marye
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I have to agree with everything Theresa said too. This group is "family" - everyone here helps everyone through all their problems and issues. We're a pretty special group! Hugs to all this morning - now that the "van lag" has worn off.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Here, here to all that has been said. We are a family!
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