What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31?
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(I thought if I stayed out of the picture someone would run with this thread..... )

What's on everyone's menu for tonight?

We have a few more leftovers to clean up before getting back to the Carb Lover's regime. Leftover curry pizza, too
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This was so different and so good!
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  Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31? by cjs ((I thought if I stay...)
Jean that pizza looks incredible.

I think we're finally going for the Chicken Parm. meatloaf and pasta with ricotta & spinach. I've been craving this one.
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31? by Harborwitch (Jean that pizza look...)
Your pizzas are killing me Jean!

I've got a sick child home and my husband won't be home for dinner so I'm making do with what I've got on hand and I've come up with a chicken quesadilla for myself. I've got salsa, black olives and sour cream to be used so why not?!?!

Poor Michael will probably have cinnamon toast.
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Yum, the pizza looks fab!!
We're having a ground turkey meatloaf, broccoli and orzo.
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31? by farnfam (Yum, the pizza looks...)
Cis, that's twice you've mentioned flying off. I finally realized...it's not baby time yet, is it?

Trixxee posted a link for Sweet-Tangy Plum-Spiced Chicken the other day. It looked so good and so fast and easy, I knew it would be a perfect weeknight dinner. I'm making it tonight. I'll add a veggie stir fry and some Basamati rice for sides.
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31? by Gourmet_Mom (Cis, that's twice yo...)
I think it's Cis' annual flight to Mexico. Lucky duck.

We are having leftover cheese steaks without cheese. I made these Friday night per Rob's instructions, using ribeyes. OMG. They were the best I have ever had. Looking forward to eating them again. We love to use hot pepper hoagie spread too, I usually can only find this in Pennsylvania for some reason.

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Beans and Sausage. White, and kidney beans with tomatoes, bell peppers, onion, garlic and chicken sausages in the crock pot. Kids will get served over rice and ours will be over wilted spinach (or should I say mine - Steve will probably have rice and spinach).
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner, Monday, 1/31? by esgunn (Beans and Sausage. ...)
Plan B turned out to be a HUGE winner! I made the French Onion "Soup" Mac and Cheese that Jean posted recently in another thread. Due to my not having use of the brain, I forgot about the 3-4 ounces of Mozzarella I had in the cheese drawer and used 2 ounces of Parmesan instead. I mean really...it's French Onion Soup, for pete's sake. It made sense! I subbed Jarlsburg for the Gruyere. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! William gave it a 15 without being asked for a rating...LOL!

So that I don't look like a complete glutton, I did have something healthy on the plate. I served simple greens with some of the leftover rotisserie chicken and Ranch on the side.
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