I Suck at Nachos!
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And that's what Hubby wants for Super Bowl munchies.

I really don't want to buy a whole head of lettuce - we eat romaine - so I was just going to layer a baking sheet with tortilla chips and the blended cheese and salsa stuff. Then add some jalapenos or black olive lices.

Can anyone recommend tortilla chips that don't end up as mush after 15 minutes? I haven't made this in years because the last time was disatrous. How about adding some pre-made chili to the mix?


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I'm no expert, Barbara, but I make my Nachos like I make my Tacos. I prep my toppings: guacamole, diced tomatoes, sliced green onions (and/or sliced jalapeno or canned Hatch, if you've got 'em, chilis), shredded cheese (double what you want to top with), and shredded lettuce. I put everything in bowls along with bowls of sliced black olives, salsa (homemade or store bought or homemade pico de gallo), and sour cream.

Then I make my taco beef: ground beef cooked and Jean's Southwestern Seasoning (I think that's the recipe title...if you can't find it, let me know.) and a little water to keep it from burning. (You could make this ahead and just warm it while the cheese melts on the tortillas.) And I warm some refried beans.

Finally, just before serving, I spread an oven safe platter (or sheet pan and transfer after) with tortilla chips and sprinkle with a heavy layer of cheese. I bake them just long enough to melt the cheese a little. Top with beans, meat, and toppings. SERVE!
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Good luck. I've never made nachos, but when I have leftover chili and make a taco salad I have to eat quickly before the tortilla chips turn into mush. Oh, and I use romaine when I make tacos and it works fine.

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If your nachos turn out soggy, then when you bake them, only put on the cheese, meat, etc.. but NOT any watery sauces or salsas, then just keep that on the side or spoon a little onto the top of each serving righ at serving time.
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Personally, I think after a very short time any nachos will become limp and soggy - the nature of the animal... Just enjoy quickly!
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