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Does anybody else order stuff and forget you ordered it?

Today I got home and found a package on the patio. I thought, "What has he ordered?" When I read the shipping label, I realized it was for me. I stood there thinking for a couple of minutes, then flew in the house, threw down my groceries, and ran back out to grab the package.

I ripped open the box and tore off the wrapping. I broke the seal and took a whiff! What a heavenly smell....Truffle Salt and Truffle Oil!!!!!!!

What should I do with it first?
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  Re: SURPRISE! by Gourmet_Mom (Does anybody else or...)
Popcorn! A mashed potato. Pasta. Mushrooms. Or . . . just get a spoon.
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French Fries! Fry em up, drizzle a bit of the oil and toss with salt...omg yum!
  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by DFen911 (French Fries! Fry em...)
I'd be adding it to gravy for red meat.
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I thought of popcorn right off! It smells so good, I think that will be first to get the full flavor! I'll pick up some popcorn tomorrow to snack on with wine and a movie all by myself Friday night. I'll polish all off with a Hot Buttered Rum! I'm off to make up the mix right now!

I hadn't thought about mashed potatoes OR French Fries! I think I may be having burgers and truffle fries Sunday!

Lorraine, the oil, I'm guessing? I think I'll have to make up some steaks and make a gravy and serve with Tuffled mashers on Saturday!

Cool! The weekend menu is all planned!
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  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by Gourmet_Mom (I thought of popcorn...)
Popcorn?? Really??

With what, the salt or the oil drizzled sparingly over the popped kernels?

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  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by BarbaraS (Popcorn?? Really??[...)
The salt! Jean came up with that one a while back. Funny thing, Sharon took some to a party at the marina a while back and nobody would try it...they were put off by the black specks...LOL! DUH!

Sharon, how do I do the potatoes?

After reading Allison's dinner post, I realized I'll probably save the steak with gravy and mashers for Valentine's Day. I planned Theresa's Birthday dinner for Saturday. Valentine's will be better for the steak anyway...especially since I found out the restaurant we were going to try is only open at night on Friday and Saturday.
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  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by Gourmet_Mom (The salt! Jean came...)
Here's truffle popcorn, Barbara - it's wonderful!!

* Exported from MasterCook *


1/2 cup popcorn
vegetable oil to coat the popcorn very lightly
1 1/2 Tbsps truffle oil
truffle iinfused salt
1/2 Tbsp Lemon Zest, Optional

In a small plastic bag, pour in the popcorn and add just enough vegetable oil to barely coat the kernals, work the bag with your hands to coat the kernals.
Dump the popcorn into a large heavy pot with a lid.
Pop the corn and remove from heat.
Immediately add the truffle oil, truffle salt and lemon zest (if using) and toss the popcorn until all is incorporated.

The amounts of truffle oil and truffle salt are approximates - add to taste.

Serve immediately.

Truffle oil and salt can be found in most large grocery stores.

"a Chef's Journey Recipe"
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Also, Daphne, truffle pizza dough - and make a mushroom pizza for William.
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  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by cjs (Here's truffle popco...)
OMG...I totally forgot about the truffle pizza dough. Did you post it? I''m assuming you just subbed truffle oil for the oil in your Herb Dough and leave the herbs out? Or not? That doesn't make sense....which one did you use?

And it will definitely be a mushroom pizza!
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  Re: Re: SURPRISE! by Gourmet_Mom (OMG...I totally forg...)
What do any of you know about this brand?

I've found it, here, at $5.82 for the 2.7-ounce bottle. That's more than on Amazon, where it's $11.27 for three bottles, but it's probably all I'll see around here for a while.

The reviews on Amazon aren't very good, but only one of those is a verified purchase and none of them sound particularly knowledgeable, so I'm hoping someone here knows if this particular product is any good.
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