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Finally got the green light to be able to announce oldest daughter is expecting in October! She's considered high risk and is being very conservative about telling people. They live in Colorado, so we'll be making many more trips in that direction in the future!

I can't even express how happy and grateful we are!
  Re: Grandparents! by HomeCulinarian (Finally got the gree...)
How Cool . . . our little cyber families are expanding by leaps and bounds!

Congratulations and fingers crossed that everything continues in positive direction for her, I am sure they are nervous.
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by iBcookin (How Cool . . . our l...)
If blueberry muffins have blueberries in them, what do vegan muffins have?
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by labradors (Congratulations!...)
Oh, Oh, be very careful - this is contagious!!

Congratulations, Jeannette to your entire family. There is something about the anticipation of the very first (or first two at once )
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  Re: Grandparents! by HomeCulinarian (Finally got the gree...)
Congratulations! That's so great! Being a Grandma is such fun!
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Congratulations! Very Exciting. I hope all goes well four her and the baby!
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The time is flying by.
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by esgunn (Congratulations! Ve...)
Oh that is wonderful news!! Keeping good thoughts for mom and baby
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by DFen911 (Oh that is wonderful...)
Aw, how exciting! I hope her pregnancy is nothing but smooth sailing!
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by Trixxee (Aw, how exciting! I...)
That's wonderful! I hope the remainder of the pregnancy is remarkably boring. I'm sending positive thoughts her way.
  Re: Re: Grandparents! by karyn (That's wonderful! I ...)
Oh Jeannette, that is just wonderful news! Thoughts and prayers will be with all of you. We have four grandbabies now and each one of them is so special. There is nothing better than grandbabies!!!

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