What's for Dinner, Saturday, 4/9??
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What's on eveyone's menu??

I'm pretty well set for the food, but it's been interesting trying to keep the 'people' count to 10!! One couple had a family emergency and left town and the wife of another called and sounded just terrible, so she doesn't want to spread her 'crap' around. Another couple stepped up and luckily the sick one's husband is close enough, he's coming anyway and will run home with dishes for Fritzie to try, even tho her taste buds are shot!

Don't think I'll answer the phone today....
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I haven't decided yet. I wish I was having dinner at your house!

Okay, I've decided! Since I can't join your party, I had to come up with something special. Since I'm going to have freshly baked bread, I needed something to enjoy it with. I came up with Clam Linguine! YUM! I'll add a nice big salad and call it dinner!

Change of plans....stupid store...no canned clams!

While standing around at the meat counter, hoping for inspiration, the butcher was just putting out two packs of boneless beef short ribs. How timely was that! It was like it was meant to be! I FINALLY get to make Lorraine's Beef Short Ribs recipe that Maryann's always raving about! I'll whip up a bunch of mashers and serve with a salad. And I'll still have some yummy sauce to sop up with my fresh bread! YUM! Luckily, it has cooled off quite a bit and is quite damp, so this will be perfect!

I've got to be sure the "monsters" don't eat all of my bread. I'll save a loaf for me and William to have with the Clams with Linguine Monday night!
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I'm looking forward to hearing about the short ribs, Daphne. Jean, enjoy your dinner party!

I'm having a seafood craving, so we're going to grill the Cajun Halibut with Praline Sauce and Dirty Rice from one of the C@H Grilling books. I'll probably grill some broccolini, too, as a concession to healthy eating...
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No party here today... we were supposed to go to nephew's bday party and it got cancelled because he got a concussion in PE class yesterday! He'll be okay, but they were worried yesterday. Anyway, Hubby requested beer can chicken on the grill - so that's what we're having. I've got pinto beans soaking for some Cowboy Beans.
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Welllllllll since we weren't invited either, sigh, I guess I'll have to cook dinner.

Cheese enchiladas, chile Colorado, and a nice salad.
Or maybe, fajita tacos and a salad. I don't know. Inspiration will strike me!

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