Crown of pork
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Does anybody have a great recipe to make crown of pork? Bought it in Costco and have no idea what to do with it now.

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This is from Issue #5. Do you have it? I've never made it but would love to some day.
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Yeah, I do have every issue of Cuisine at home but I saw a recipe ones where you slow roast in the oven, but dont remember if somebody posted it here or I just saw it online.
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We did have a thread going about it Marina, but can't remember what it was called to find it. Maybe it will come to me. Ideas, huh? I'll be back.

Sorry I don't have any tried and true for you, but here's some ideas -,1-00,pork_crown_roast,FF.html
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I Have never made it, but was just talking to a friend about maybe making one for Easter.

Here is the thread I found - but I don't see any recipes.
Rack of pork

Here is another one Crown Roast Pork

And bbally had a couple of thread on crown roast pork
Here - stuffing

Fabricating Crown Roast
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