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Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones or property in Alabama. And right now my students and coworkers. Bladenboro is in the center of the path of another tornado right now! I can't believe this is happening again! We hardly EVER have tornadoes around here!
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  Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by Gourmet_Mom (Prayers go out to th...)
Daphne you are all in my prayers! Tornadoes are so terrifying! I just cannot imagine how one deals with this much devastation.

Stay safe! And, please keep us posted as you can so that we know you and yours are safe.
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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by Harborwitch (Daphne you are all i...)
I will. My kids are in the clear for now. No reports on damage, but a tornado did move through and still on the ground but moving away. We are all in a tornado watch until 4 PM, though. I'll keep you all posted if anything else touches down. Storms are really starting to fire up around here.
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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by Gourmet_Mom (I will. My kids are...)
We finally have some blue skies here today after days and days of rain and storms. They'll be coming your way soon, I hope!
  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by HomeCulinarian (We finally have some...)
I'm so glad things are okay in North Carolina, Daphne! We had quite a night here, but were blessed to be between two really severe lines of storms with tornadoes.

I can't believe the photos out of Tuscaloosa, where several of my neighbors have children at school. Fortunately, from what I've heard, those kiddos are okay.
  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by karyn (I'm so glad things a...)
Geez, you guys - I can't believe how apprehensive we are for all of you these days. Just unbelieveable - you're all in our thoughts 24/7, that's for sure. Now, if God will just rest a minute for the wedding.....think she will?
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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by cjs (Geez, you guys - I c...)
Funny! I've heard it's going to rain over there.

Getting ready to have some nasty stuff. Internet has been in and out this afternoon. So I thought I'd check in while I could. Hoping this mess will be offshore in the next couple of hours.
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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by Gourmet_Mom (Funny! I've heard i...)
Hubby's got a cousin with family in Tuscaloosa. We're going to try and call them tonight. We pretty much figure they were north of the twister, but still, an F5 can eat a lot.

And to top it off, the cousin's Mom, Hubby's Aunt, passed away last week at the great age of 94. God Bless her, she lived on her own until 6 months ago when she fell and became incapacitated. I will certainly miss her. We got along great because of two C's, cats and cooking. I do believe she had more cookbooks than I do.

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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by BarbaraS (Hubby's got a cousin...)
Wow! It looked like it was going to get really nasty there for a little while, the power flickered, then suddenly, it broke up right over the lake. That often happens, but it always surprises me. I think we may finally be on the back side of this crazy thing!
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  Re: Re: VOT-Unbelieveable! by Gourmet_Mom (Wow! It looked like...)
Oh, that's wonderful! I hope you have a quiet Friday and weekend, Daphne!

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