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Ok here is the link to the Hawaii Photos. It should open as a slide show. In the lower right if you click on Full Screen it will make it bigger so that my captions fit.

The Luau had some blurry pics because A- it was night and B - these guys move fast.
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What a fabulous vacations! I really enjoyed looking through all of your pictures. The luau and all of the hiking and touring you did look like a lot of fun, but I agree, it doesn't get much better than cocktails on Waikiki beach!

I think the tree with the roots hanging down is a banyan tree.
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Lovely pics Denise . . . ready to go back again?
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Awesome! Looks like you had a fabulous anniversary trip.
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Oh my, I'm so ready to go back. We were fascinated with those trees also, Denise. I wish we could have seen the USS Missouri, but it was under wraps for refurbishment.

Great pictures, Denise - how could anyone not have a fantastic time in that paradise?
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Wow! Looks like a really fun trip. I bet you both loved it. Great Pictures!
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Beautiful pictures. WOW actually made me think I'd like to go there.

It looks like you had so much fun...and such great food.

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iBCookin - no I don't think we will go back. Not that it wasn't beautiful, but there is so much we want to see and since we don't have Donald Trumps bank account we'll never see it all. So we pick and choose so that each trip is very special

Erin as I recall you are going in June? Take 1 pair of jeans to wear on the plane there and back. You'll never put them on while in Maui. I pretty much lived in my bathing suit. If you have water socks bring them. They are perfect for the rock hopping you'll have to do to get to some places. Lots of sunscreen! Not oil. Many beachs and coves will not allow you in with suntan oil on. If you wear flipflops be sure to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet. I saw one guy with a horrible sunburn to his feet and nothing else.

Find Costco Buy your groceries and cook meals. It's crazy expensive there to go out.

Take binoculars and a flashlight. I wish I had a flashlight at night only because some of the tidepools at night have different critters that come out. Also take earplugs if the place you are staying at is near the ocean. Ours did not have any AC so we had to leave the windows and slider door open at night. Many don't realize how load the roar of the tide coming in is until they try and sleep thru it

And take lots of pictures! My slide show was only about 1/3 of the shots I took.

If you do have the opportunity take the hopper to Oahu to see the Pearl Harbor museum. We almost missed it due to American Airlines flight screw up and I am so grateful it got worked out and we didn't miss seeing it!
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Great Ideas Denise thank you! Especially the flash light and the earplugs.

We are staying in a condo in Kihei, Maui. I will be doing most of the cooking for the four of us ladies. Lots of time on the beach, snorkeling, walking and hiking. Can't wait.

Yes, I have burned the tops of my feet before. It is misserable.

I know at some point that I will have to go back with the kids. I'd love to go back over and over again. They really want to go. It is pretty frustrating that most hotels only handle 4 people in a standard room. Most won't allow roll-aways anymore. It really puts a cramp traveling for our 5 person family.
Mom to three wonderful 7th graders!
The time is flying by.
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Gorgeous pictures. Napili is so quiet and relaxing. We've stayed at Napili Point twice I think. For those of you who fly out of SEA or PDX, check out Hawaiian Airlines fall sale announced this morning. Roundtrip for as low as $334. Unheard of. Unfortunately their website is crawling. I think you need to book by 5/5, travel through 12/15.


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