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I just sneaked a sample of the pickled veggies from Maryann's birthday review and it occurred to me. How many of you serve cuke slices in a vinegar with salt and pepper in the summer when they're fresh? We will often add sliced onion and/or chunks of fresh tomatoes (and ice cubes when it's really hot). Is this just a Southern thing? It's not uncommon to have just that with fried corn bread and maybe collards (and some of the ham meat used to season the collards) for a hot summer night supper.
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Well, the ancestors are from Missouri - is that considered "the south"? That's how we serve cucumbers, but now I also have done them with rice vinegar instead of cider vinegar. And, now, this one which is so delicious!!
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Okay....I wasn't sure. I suddenly felt like I had been holding out...LOL!

Various members of my family grew cucumbers and peppers (also added to the mix for the grown ups...we kids didn't like them) commercially. So we had them at most every meal. My urban cousins thought it would be cool to work for my uncle picking cukes and peppers one summer. They didn't do that again...LOL!
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I used to do them with cider vinegar or red wine vinegar, red onion, salt & pepper, and dill. MMMMMMMMMMM!

Now I usually do the C@H cucumbers in rice wine vinegar with a bit of sugar and red pepper flakes. Or. . . . Greek yogurt & dill with some red onion or scallions and a bit of vinegar.
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I like the C@H recipe with the rice vinegar, sugar and red onions. Mmmmm. I do them occasionally.

A little aside, I come from a pickle family. My grandmothers brothers started Farman's Pickles factory The out in Enumclaw WA. We used to love to go out there. I got to pick my favorite type and have my very own jar. I loved cucumber chips. Still love them. They are still my favorite brand of pickles for some things (Not dill). Even though they sold the company quite a few years ago. Kept the recipes.
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I can't stand cucumbers (and they don't like me, either), but my mom loves them. One of her favourite ways to have them is as a very simple, Hungarian Cucumber Salad that she first had at a Hungarian restaurant in Daytona Beach but now makes at how, using the recipe at the link.
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This is such a good idea. We've done this when certain Asian recipes call for it, but I never thought of it for regular summer meals. I'm thinking with some basil we could do an Italian version of this.....oh the possibilities
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We do cider vinegar here...just the vinegar..traditional. Never any sugar or flavorings. We don't let them marinate very long either. Nothing like pickles, Erin. That's the last thing put together before the meal is served. But William can eat them SOAKED for hours in the vinegar, but then, he would drink the vinegar....LOL!

But Cis, I DO like the idea of some fresh basil added when doing the cukes, tomatoes, and onions. Although, that one would be better with a lighter vinegar like white or rice wine vinegar.

It looks like we all have our various versions. I feel better. Honestly, for a minute there, I wondered if I had been hiding a side dish...LOL!
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We like them a little bit sweet, so I usually slice them up, but don't dress them until the last minute. Then, all I use is rice wine vinegar, a little bit of sugar, and a dab of hot chili garlic paste.

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We call them half pickles--we do them sometime--I guess deli pickles would be 3/4 pickles -I love them--Janes asparagus are pickled--I really love them. The cucumbers are ok with me--we do cucumbers, onions, vinegar, sugar, --I don't seek them out. Jean, Missouri was South, Kansas was north--Jayhawks were not popular down here during the War Of Northern Aggression,
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