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ANybody experimented with homemade yogurt? I just bought a yogurt machine, kind of got last issue cuisine at home inspired but still want to know if anybody has tips, favorite flavors etc. Machine comes with 7 jars so far my flavors are 2-nutella, 2 apricot, 1 black currant, 1 cherry. Will report tomorrow how it comes out.
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Never used a machine - just a bowl wrapped in a towel and placed into an oven that was heated to low then turned off. After that, just leave it over night. Works very well. I told someone, here, about this and she wound up getting a machine but says it makes less at one time than what I've done.

I always just make plain and add fruit, or whatever, to it right when I eat it so that it's fresh and doesn't turn watery from reacting with some kinds of fruit.

Cherry has never really impressed me in this kind of thing, but blueberry seems to be ideal, even though strawberry or peach are probably the most common for store-bought varieties. Unfortunately, I can't get fresh blueberries here, so the only blueberry yogurt I get is a store-bought one that they don't get very often.
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I make it a lot, but since I'm not a yogurt fan, I drain mine and use for cheese/sour cream sub. I think my old machine has 5 (?) jars - been a while.
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You are going to love your machine. It keeps the yogurt at the perfect temperature for culturing. I've had my machine for a number of years and still use it regularly, although not always with the jars. It is round, so sometimes I just use a glass serving bowl with four cups of milk, and that works just fine.

I always make my yogurt plain. When I first got the machine, I tried some flavors, but was never really satisfied with the results. I think it's better just to add in at serving time if you want to flavor it.

My machine came with an instruction guide that said if you want a thicker yogurt, then try adding powdered milk to the mix when you are warming the milk. I have never had good results with that. Although I mix it thoroughly, it always comes out grainy. So, now I just strain it in the yogurt/cheese container if using for sour cream sub.

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I tried all different flavors of the yogurt and I have to say Nutella is a hit. Will do that one again and again.
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" I have to say Nutella is a hit." - I'd say that would have to be a given!!
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