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I think this would make a great thread to have on hand for the coming months, given all the opportunities for family celebrations. So what is your best covered dish recipe?

The reason for this....I have agreed to go with Mom to a family reunion Sunday. It is uncharacteristic of her, but she CLAIMS she is not taking anything. And she said if I would go with her, I don't have to make anything either. This is hard for me.

William has suggested Erin's Cobb Pasta Salad, any one of my lasagna recipes, and my Veggie Party Platter (Which doesn't fit, I don't think, since it's more of an appy party thing.) I KNOW I have more ideas, but my brain is too fried to think.

My question is.......what is your "go to" covered dish recipe?
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This is probably unusual but I try new recipes out on potlucks. Then I can decide if it's a keeper recipe or not. Otherwise I make something with garden produce that's abundant.
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LOL! Funny, but I have done that before. That's why I'm open to any ideas here. I may go with Mom's decision to make nothing, but just in case I chicken out....which is likely.....
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I really like bringing pasta salad kebabs to potlucks. They're just different enough to make people think you're amazing, but really easy, and you can make a really pretty platter with them.

Just marinate cooked tortellini, canned artichoke hearts, olives, mushrooms, mozzarella balls, roasted red peppers, etc. in a vinaigrette dressing of your choice (with a bit of Parmesan tossed in if it strikes your fancy), and skewer the marinated stuff with some good salami or pepperoni.

This was something I did when the boys were little, and I'm always surprised by how impressed people are!
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In my neck of the woods, this would be MAJOR GOURMET! A good one Karyn! But again, does it seem too appy party? The majority of the table will be old time veggies, chicken and pastry, a LOT of KFC chicken, a few old chicken casseroles recipes, one or two Paula Deen veggie recipes, a couple of beef stews, and store bought cakes with a few home baked regulars thrown in. OIY!
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I'm not sure what a covered dish is! Never heard the term before. Is it a potluck item that has a cover on it? I know I'm being silly but I'm actually half serious. What does it mean?
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Oh dear...I'm sorry. Yes, it's a potluck item. Covered dish here is a term used for potluck. I was able to change the title of the post to reflect that. Thanks for helping me clarify the thread.

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...or, for the church-related dinners, remember that Baptists have pot lucks but Presbyterians have pot providences.

Never had a single, go-to recipe. Almost everything I took would be gobbled up quickly and there would usually be at least one request for the recipes.

Some of the particularly popular items were:
  • Summer Pasta - Recipe requested so much I took printed copies with me to have at the ready.
  • Sauerbraten - Requested by several, including an elderly German couple, at every year's Internationally-themed dinner.
  • Beef Bulgogi - Te one that got high praise from a visiting Korean couple.
  • Jambalaya - From the Tabasco website. Makes a pretty big quantity. When I took this, I set it down on the serving table and, by the time I had gotten back to the serving table to take some for myself, there were only a few grains of rice left!
  • White Chocolate Banana Cream Pies - After the dinner was over, people would ask me if they could pay me to make another one.
  • Snickerdoodles - People always thought I had bought them from a bakery.
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The Paula Dean Corn Salad - I think it's on here somewhere or I can post it tomorrow. It got a standing "O" the last potluck I took it to.

I just got home an hour ago. 12 hours - the last 4 at the Pro Shop. Maybe the brain will be working in the AM
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I can't help you because unless some one requests something specific, e.g., my macaroni or potato salads with bacon, I am that gal that brings dessert. I will do a super easy chocolate fudge sheet cake, or shortbread, or Ina's country cake with CI's strawberry frosting and filling, or bundt cake or.....

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