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Does anyone else mean to go back and review recipes that we have gotten from the internet and then slide on by???? I find that I always mean to, but then I forget. Once in a while I'll go to or food network with my dinner binder beside me and go back and review afew at one time.

I need to make this a new year's resolution! Altho, I did review the bok choy recipe today - the day I made it. That's a first.
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I think I do....most of the time. Especially if it's a good one.
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I should but I very rarely do. I always read them though. When I see a recipe that looks good, I always go look for the revies. Good, bad, needs more of this, way to much of that. There is always a lot of reviews where people really change the recipe and comment or complain. I ignore those. But an honest review is so helpful.
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I don't usually review them on other sites. Also, there are several that I mean to review for CAH that I put off until I've forgotten to do it.

Recently joined FoodNetwork and AllRecipes just so I can have a recipe box. Makes it easier to re-find something I found and wanted to try.
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I agree with Erin that a good review is so helpful, but unfortunately, it never occurs to me to go back and add my two cents. Glad you brought this up, Jean. I'll try to remember to do it.

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Okay, I hate to sound stupid, but I've got a question. Are we talking about reviewing the recipe here or on the site we found it? If we are talking about reviewing it on the site we found it, I am guilty of not posting a review.

I'm feeling bad about not reviewing on the site where I found the recipe, now. Like Erin and Maryann, I always read the reviews and note the comments to make changes to the recipe. But I never leave a review. I think I'll try to get better about that. I find these reviews helpful.
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If I find a recipe on another site and if I cook it up I always go back and give star ratings. If I changed it or had to modify it I also comment
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I read recipes like folks read novels, so I have boxes in Fine Cooking, Food Network, Epi, had Gourmet, Food and Wine and CC and CI and had one in Plus before they closed it. Since I test recipes for both CC and CI, I've gotten accustomed to reviewing every recipe I make. CI and CC do not do online reviews, so after I finish the survey I copy the comments to LC. If there are significant issues I post on the CI board's place for testers. I then post those on the regular forum, once the issue comes out and also for CC, CI and any ATK cookbook recipe.

Before I had Living Cookbook, I would make comments on the CI board. Once I got LC and started entering the recipes I had to go back through years of postings to find my reviews and copy them to LC. Now, I after I make something, I automatically go back to the recipe in LC and edit for any changes I've made, and review the recipes.

On the CI board, there is an Epi thread, a C@H thread, a Food Network magazine thread,etc as well as cookbook threads e.g., The Cookbook Challenge thread, (Flour and Kiss my Bundt are very active now). So when I make a recipe from one of these magazines, I post the review there instead of on the magazine site.

For the other magazine sites, if I make the recipe from the site, I usually do go back and rate and make comments if I think they might help someone else. For example, the orzo recipe for the mystery box was changed quite a bit from the original, but the results were great. So, I will go back to Epi, and note that sauteing the rinsed, drained and dried canned garbanzos in hot olive oil with the turmeric, cumin and Bijol added a wonderful dimension to the dish as well as making the orzo a lovely color. I've done that with a couple of recipes from Giada and Ina, where I've made some changes and the result was great.

I don't think it is fair to make changes and then complain when the recipe does not turn out, e.g. subbing Kraft American slices for good sharp cheddar and then complaining the dish is bland.

For FC, F&W and BA, most of the time I see the recipe in the magazine first, and only go to the site to copy it to LC, so I don't think to go back and rate it there, though I should. It might be months between the time I got the recipe and the time I actually try it. I am going to try to be more considerate about returning the favor, since I do read the reviews before making the recipe.

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