Go figure!
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Who would guess I'd get tips for bread making from Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives?!?!? Guy featured a Sicilian Restaurant in Nashville, TN (of all places). This couple is straight from Sicily, if I understood correctly. The wife is the master at hand rolled pasta....some more tips, but the real treat was watching the husband make bread! I have been way too gentle with my bread. That's for sure. This makes me want to drive out to Nashville right now! That one little segment is well worth watching this episode!

Oh, and now he's at a place run by a guy that studied sausage making in Germany and makes his own brats in numerous varieties and serves them up with spaetzle.

Sorry, the episode is called Gone Global.

And HUGE bonus! The next show is Iron Chef America with Italian brothers Nicola and Fabrizio Carro against Iron Chef Michael Symon paired with Chef Michael Psilakis in Battle LEMON!
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While I was in Bradenton, Guy came and filmed in Jose's Diner which makes the best "lechon asado" I've ever had including my own. Most of the dishes were outstanding except picadillo and breaded Cuban steak, where the consensus was that mine are better.Anyway, I have been waiting for that episode to air, it was supposed to be last week, but they postponed it for some reason. The episode is called Southern Flavor.

They have the pasta recipe from this week's episode on the FN site. Thanks for the lemon episode alert on ICA. There are so many programs I record on Sunday, that I've let ICA go, so I'll find another airing and tape it.
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I will be looking for it CG! I love this show! This summer I want to sit down with pencil and paper and take notes.

Regarding the ICA episode, I will definitely sit down with pencil and paper to take notes on that one on the replay. Some GREAT ideas. I LOVE LEMON!!!!!!
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Chef Michael Psilakis - He made the most wonderful desserts for us in Michigan years ago when a bunch of us from C2C met in Tecumseh for a cooking weekend! What a doll he is and so, so very creative. Hope I can find this show.
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We watched both shows. Very good. I won't be a spoiler.
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