What's for Sunday Dinner, 6/26??
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What's on the menu for today?

We ate at the SilverDale Brewry again yesterday, so we weren't the least bit hungry for dinner. So, we'll have the French Dip Sandwiches and a little bowl of Barley Risotto for later - maybe a salad with one or the other.
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We're going to have chees tortelinni with vodka cream sauce and Caesar salad on the side.

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I made city chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and frozen peas, as per Ron's request. (I think he was feeling a need for some comfort food cooking.)

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I honestly don't know, though anything with mashed potatoes and gravy sure sounds good!

I've been busy planning all the food for our camping trip this week that I've basically lost momentum in planning something for dinner. Take out? Where can I get mashed potatoes and gravy?
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Leftover delicious Barolo beef with gnocchi and fresh tomato caprese salad!! Maybe a friendly chianti---ooooooooooooooooo Life is good!!
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PIzza Derek's birthday dinner he gets for 2 nights since I make 4 crusts.

But then these next weeks will be crazy cause Laura will be home!
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YEA! Laura's coming home! I know you are sooooo excited! What a big deal! Enjoy, Denise!

After a long day at the garden, we just had leftovers. POOPED!
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