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Ok why I waited to get this book I don't know. Might have been price, but got all of these books on Amazon for 50% +. I was thrilled! I cannot wait to dive into the Charcuterie with some artisan bread, and home made mustard (found 2 in the canning book).

[Image: charcuterie_lg.jpg]

[Image: bcbtb.jpg]


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OMG! Denise, your made a lot of good choices, but you are going to LOVE the Charcuterie book! I can't wait to see what you think when you dive in! I LOVE that one! As a matter of fact, I'm going to be doing bacon from that one very soon.
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I want to make the duck prosciutto so bad and cannot wait till this winter when it's cooler and I can properly hang it.

And Kielbasa looks like fun to make too Oh and the Canadian bacon...I've got to stop reading this book lol
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... I still say it should be ""Ina Garten da vida..."
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Hi, I have 3 out of those four. As it has probably become evident by now, I am a huge Ina fan and think Back to Basics is one of her best (I have all her books). If I need a foolproof recipe, I go to Ina first, then adapt from there.
The Baked Shrimp Scampi, Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup, Fruit Salad with Limoncello, Broccoli and Parmesan and Roasted Vegetables are among my favorites from Back to Basics. In case you'd like it, here's an Index to which book has which recipe.

I also love the Artisan in Five. For a while, before my mom died, I had dough in the fridge all the time. I always saved a quarter-size piece of dough from one batch to put in the next. Zoe is great about answering questions and there is a huge thread on this book on the CI forum as well. Here's a picture of one of my early loaves. [Image: breadloaf1r.jpg]

I also have the Bell Preserving Book, but I've not used it. I bought a 22 qt pressure cooker to use as a stockpot for chicken stock, but thought I'd try canning at some point. Best laid plans....

I am confessed cookbookaholic but the first 2 are 2 of my favorites.Hope you enjoy yours as much as I've enjoyed mine.
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I would love to take a few months and go from page 1 in the Charcuterie book. So many have been made already, but so many more to get to. Denise, the duck confit (page 259) is delicious!

Have fun - and you'll probably spur us all on now that you have the book also.
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Great choices, Denise. I'm an Ina fan too. Looking forward to hearing about all of your upcoming cooking adventures.

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The "Ball" book, and it's Canadian counterpoint "Bernardin", are my to go to books for preserving. There is also a UK version that is great. Have fun!
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Me too, Lorraine - I have my mother's Kerr Home Canning Book - it cost 15ยข - kinda says how old it is. Then, in 1993 I bought 9 Kerr Kitchen Coobooks, for every kid in the family. Still use both all the time.

the old one is my go to for Sauerkraut (been making since 1978), mint jelly, spicy apple butter, and pickled beets.
Retired and having fun writing cookbooks, tasting wine and sharing recipes with all my friends.
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Labs my hubby is laughing out loudSmile so am I! That was funny!
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