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Did you ever make your Bulgogi? I've had pages open since you asked in case you wanted a recipe. If you did, what did you use? How was it?
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Oh lol thanks Daphne!! Ok yes I actually made it tonight. Well a version of it. Long story short, I had a tri-tip roast. So I cut into 3" chunks and browned it on the grill over high heat for a sear. Then I put it into a crockpot with the sauce.

I served it over basmati rice. Derek and Laura loved it. Me...well my vote is to do this again with the right cut of beef and not to put it in a crock pot. The underlying flavor was very good. I didn't have Sambal so used sriracha instead and omitted the garlic since it's in the sriracha.

To me the brown sugar caramelized too much and the sriracha became bitter with the extended cooking time. So I cannot wait to try this again the right way

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