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A while back Lorraine was talking about her trip to Maryland and all the Maryland Blue Crabs they feasted on. I mentioned a stew that we used to have, but I wasn't sure exactly how it was made. She was not familiar, so I hopped on FB and contacted a junior member of the family to get the recipe/method. Another friend had a stew recipe for a New Orleans style with red gravy if anyone is interested, but here is what Chip had to say about the stew I remember from those days at the camp. (I will add my apologies that there is no actual recipe. Unfortunately, the recipe may be lost, since all the ones who could write it down are now gone.) Anyway, here it is:

"I asked my Mom how Grandmama and Aunt Katie made the stew - she said that it was one of those things that they did with NO recipe (just some of this and some of that). Basically, they used a large pot and browned some bacon in the bottom. They took the bacon out and crumbled it to be added later. They then put in a number of hardshell crabs (? no idea how many) and cooked them until VERY tender (almost apart). They then added in a little bit of milk and some flour (or cornmeal, not sure which) to "thicken" the sauce along with bacon bits. They then allowed the stew to cook for a time longer and serve. My apologies in advance for these sketchy directions/recipe but this is all that my Mom remembers." (I'm assuming water was added with the crab.)
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I'm guessing that was just spectacular, Daphne.

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Daphne, I am just curious. I have been reading a couple of Pat Conroy novels this summer. Even his cookbook. And he talks about "She Crab Soup" or "She Crab Stew", Would this be the same?

BYTW - His novels are really good. I have read South of Broad, and Beach Music. I really enjoyed them. I didn't realize he was the author of Prince of Tides and The Great Santini. I have not read them but saw the movie for Prince of Tides. I think I might need to read The Prince of Tides.
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Erin, the She Crab Soup is made with loose crab meat. This is made with the whole "cleaned" crabs...female crabs and their roe. I'm not familiar with She Crab Stew. The stew recipe I'm talking about here is made using just fresh caught whole crab, cleaned, and thrown in the pot. But you have to remember it's East Coast Blue crab...not Dungeness (?) But it would probably work with Dungeness. Just one or two broken down.
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Oh Erin, I wait with bated breath for Conroy to finish another book!!! Seems like it's about every ten years he comes out with a new one. South of Broad was one of my favorites, but then I think each new one is......

Prince of Tides is one of my fvorites, too.
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Sounds like a basic chowder, Daphne, but sounds yummy. Used to catch blue-claw crabs all the time when I was growing up on the Jersey shore.
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Pretty much, Labs. To be honest, now that you mention it, you could probably use a really good chowder recipe and throw whole cleaned steamed crabs in there instead of other seafood. It sure is good! I was just glad to validate the fact that I had it.....LOL! William didn't remember it and thought I was making it up!

As a matter of fact, I may just do that! Maybe that will jog his memory...LOL!
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Thanks, Daphne! I'll pass the info along, his whole family loves anything with crabs!
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