My Newsletters This Morning
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Lordie, I do received multitudes of newsletters in my email and this morning there were quite a few I thought maybe some would be interested in here. (you may also get them... )

First up was a book for grandmas/greatgrandmas - I wish my great-grandchildren were closer!!
Perfect Pops: The 50 Best Classic & Cool Treats [Hardcover]

Next, I love Judith Jones and have a couple of her books -
"The Book of New New England Cookery" and "The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food" - and she has a new book out that I sure wish had been around when my mom was still with us and cooking.

"The Pleasures of Cooking for One"

I wish Shirley still came on here, she might like this book.

Then there is this one that I just shook my head while I read it - I love off the wall ideas, but this one just boggles even my mind. Cooking corn of the cob in a slow cooker!!!????

That's it - whew, what a morning of reading. Now time to get to work!
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Oh no, another cookbook that I must have!

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I love the pops one! I'm adding that one to the list. It gets so hot here, cold treats on hand that I can control the sugar and stuff.

I'm passing on the Judith Jones book to Mom. I love her books!

The corn idea is crazy...LOL!
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The last Special Issue of Marhta Stewarts Every Day Food had a bunch of fun Popsicle ideas. I need to get busy and try some!

I just might need to try the corn one. See how it goes. I can't imagine we will ever get any local corn (west of the mountains) this year. It just hasn't grown much. I loved having it in my freezer from a couple of years ago.
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Love the corn idea! I'm saving that for future reference - maybe for the restaurant.

No more cookbooks right now whine
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