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We have more than ever!! 40-45--jump in --we have a great family--not exclusive-chefs, cooks, amatuers, no politics, great thinkers, be yourself (we only laugh at you if you if you are really riduclous)!! Jean sends Labs and myself to our rooms if we go too far--we need more males here!!! Everybody jump in!!
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Check out our Newbie thread ! It's a sticky at the top of the page! Bill's right! This is a great group, and we love to welcome new members!
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I had a lovely lady email me for a recipe she wanted to try from C@H - not sure why but I'm encouraging her to join us!!! Come one come all! This is a great group of folks - and yes, we could sure use a few more guys around here!
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Poor Labs and Bill - they do need come company around here!

Wow, there are 52 anons looking things over now - this has really been a busy weekend.
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