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Masterchef Australia is quite different from the other Masterchef series (although the U.S. version is based more upon the Australian version than the original, British version).

For one thing, it must be getting good ratings, since it is on SIX NIGHTS A WEEK! For an explanation of the format and what they do each night, see the Wikipedia article.

Although a lot of the dishes made on the show look great, there have been four, in the last few episodes I watched, that really caught my eye.

One, I've already mentioned in your Cork Stock thread. The other three are:

[Image: soninlaweggscooked.jpg]

Son-in-Law Eggs - A Thai dish where eggs are hard or soft boiled, then peeled and deep fried. One of the contestants made these using soft-boiled eggs and they looked SOOOOO good! The link is to the contestant's own blog and her recipe.

[Image: ep37leektart640x360.jpg]

Caramelised Leek, Goats Cheese and Sage Tart with Baby Leaf Salad - A recipe from guest chef, Neil Perry. Leeks? Goat cheese? Bet none of you can guess why THIS one interested me. LOL!

[Image: perryfish640x360.jpg]

Fish Poached in Garam Marsala with Semolina Noodles - Another recipe from guest chef Neil Perry.

Wow! They all sound and look amazing. Wish I could have some of each, right now!
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Great looking dishes, all three. The egg especially sounds fun.
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I think the fish and the tart look good, but not so sure about the eggs. You'll have to tell us if you try it.

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