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I am looking for a recipe in a past Cuisine magazine. Macaroni & Cheese using Parmesan cheese. If anyone can help, I would certinly appreciate it.
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Welcome to the forum!! Doing a search, these two are the only ones I was able to find.

I found this - but it's with Gnocchi, but has Gruyere, fontina and Parm

French gnocchi
Cuisine at home No. 83 (October 2010), pages 26-27

The French definitely know comfort food! Here we turned their faster, easier version of gnocchi into the ultimate comfort food - decadent and luxurious mac n' cheese.

and this one, but it uses fontina, white cheddar and white American - no parm.

Classic Comfort
Cuisine at home No. 71 (October 2008), pages 40-41

What are the three most soothing food words? Macaroni and cheese.


Maybe someone will remember another version for you. Hang on.
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That sounds more like an Alfredo??
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