Remembering 9/11
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With the 10th anniversary of this horrible event around the corner, would any of us like to share where we were, what we were doing, jut thoughts on this, another day which will live in our hearts and minds forever?

I was just finishing up culinary school and my chef/instructor called me mid-day and asked if I would help call all the apprentices to cancel class that night. We must have talked on the phone for 45 minutes. Chef Trung Bui is from Vietnam and fought with our troops before his family got him out of there to France and on to the U.S. He is one of the most patriotic citizens I have ever been around and he was just devastated that anyone would do this to his adopted country. We cried together and tried to talk - he was so hard to understand under the best of conditions, but we got our thoughts across.

I was glued to the tele for I have no idea how many days after that. And, I felt so helpless. One thing that did stick in my mind were the New Yorkers who insisted we could not feel as deeply about the Twin Towers as they - I know the towers were a part of their everyday lives, but, I know they were a symbol for all of us also!!

So, I hope the day is remember with love and loss, but not hatred.
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I remember I was at school. I had a parent come to my class to drop off her late child. She told me, in disbelief, that she had heard a plane had crashed into one of the towers. As soon as I could, I raced to the office and the closest tv. Much to my horror, the second plane crashed as I watched. Like Jean, I was glued to the tv for days.

To add insult to injury, a year later, as I watched it all replay again in memorial, we received news of William's brain tumor. At that time, we were told it was probably cancerous. Worst day ever! The date 9/11 will always be an emotional day for us....for both reasons.
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I don't remember much about that time. There was so much going on. I remember turning on the news in my room, I was either getting dressed or still in bed waking up. Steve was in the other room and I called him in. It was such a shock.

What I don't remember about the timing was if we knew about the tripletts. We found out sometime in September.

Steve was supposed to be Starting with American Airlines on September 17th. We must have been gearing up for that too, but I really don't recall much about it. September 12th they called and said they were sorry, that he was put indefinately on hold for hiring. Many of his Reserve squadron members were furlowed from various airlines. Right before the kids 1st birthday, in February 2002 they activated him for two years.

Our whole life changed in September 2001!
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I was at work and a very good friend of mine, Carol, who lives in Staten Island and whose hubby works in NYC as an electrician was posting on another board* that a plane hit one of the towers. Then another hit the other tower. We were all trying to watch the vids on the Internet, but there was so much traffic, they couldn't keep up.

I was just shocked. Absolutely shocked and incredibly sad and depressed. And since I work for a Defense contractor and work at a Naval facility nearby for lab time, I just felt vunerable and had to leave in the afternoon instead of going to my lab shot. I went home and just cried. It got to the point where I couldn't watch tv anymore and went outside to the too quiet skies of planes that were Philly-bound to wash my brand new car. It was all I could think to do. I just couldn't watch tv anymore. I needed to move. I remember our West Coast friends all calling us to see how we were and all and our cat, Spike, actually escaped the house and Hubby had to crawl underneath the next door neighbors' proch to catch him. It was the only time he did this in his lifetime. He probably felt the stress and heartache, too.

It was so eerily quiet in the skies for the next few days while we sailed on the Delaware after work. Pilots use the river for navigation and there was nothing! Not even helicopters for the news stations.

To this day I still cannot watch some of the film footage of this tragedy. It just breaks my heart that you can kiss your spouse/loved one goodbye in the morning and never see them again.

One of my local pool-playing teammate's sister lost her husband and BIL in 9/11. The brothers were the President and Senior VP of Cantor Fitzgerald. That firm occupied the top floors of one of the towers. We teammies were supposed to get together tonight as we do every other month or so, but it was called off. I can understand. Too many memories and feelings.


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I was at school, teaching second and third graders. My principal came around and told us that, no matter what, we should not turn on the television but should take our students to specials at their regularly scheduled time and then report to the conference room.

I walked in just as one of the towers fell. I really don't remember which one, but it was one of the most surreal days I've ever had. We were told to tell the students nothing. Many of them had parents who regularly traveled to NYC, and we didn't know who was where. We decided that the best decision was for parents to tell their children what happened.

We (the teachers) couldn't figure out what to do...should we keep the kiddos inside, or could we take them out to recess? After much debate, we decided that if the terrorists were going to attack a southern elementary school in suburban Atlanta, it really didn't matter if we were inside or outside the building. Recess was a good thing that day.

I got home and my middle schooler had no idea anything had happened, for which I was thankful. We discussed before he went off to swim practice.

My high schooler had watched the news pretty much all day at school...not much in the way of academics, but the school did a good job of doing their best at explaining the unexplainable.

Friends lost siblings, and the scars still remain today.

Church was a huge comfort for my family during that tragic time.
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I was working my sales route for the food broker and was in one of my stores. I still remember that I was checking the distribution and rotation on the Power Bars! Isn't it funny what sticks in our minds during a tragedy?

Anyway, a woman ran in the store and came right up to me. She was in a panic and I was having a hard time understanding what she was trying to tell me. I actually didn't believe her at first, thinking she was just "a bit off." Then, another sales rep came in the store and was saying the same thing so pretty soon everyone was talking at once.

I still remember the bonehead store manager walking around telling everyone to just stay calm and keep working since there was nothing any of us could do anyway! Everyone pretty much ignored him and started calling their family members. I found myself doing the same while sitting in the lunchroom glued to the TV while store employees wandered in and out in a daze. It was strangely comforting sitting in that crowded room with other people. It still hurts to think about all of the people who died that day and the impact that it had on their families.

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I was working for a big law firm in downtown Dallas on the 40th floor. The phone would usually be quiet at that time but employees kept calling to see if we knew anything about these reports that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. Before long, everyone was gathering in one of the big conference rooms to watch live news. Maybe 40 of us were in that room watching together when the second plane hit. There were gasps and cries out but no conversation.

I went home early like everyone else. My roommate Angie and two of our girlfriends sat in front of the television in our apartment having the most intense "happy" hour ever. I called my mom because I hadn't talked to her in a while and I missed her so much that day. Tragedy can remind us to appreciate the people we love.
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At first, I didn't think it was real - not out of shock or denial but because I hadn't heard about it yet when I called my parents. My dad described it, but his reading habits led me to believe he was telling me about the latest book he was reading. It only hit me when I asked him who the author was and he told me that it was happening right then and that I should turn on the TV. In a way, that actually softened the blow, since it wasn't quite as sudden a discovery.
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Thank you all for sharing - what a wonderful/tragic thread to read. I'm enthralled with each story. Next?
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Jame was working the midnite shift so I was downstairs keeping busy and being quiet so he could sleep. Casey was in school in OH. as soon as she heard about it she called me and told me to put on the TV. She thought it was the end of the world. I can still remember my stomach lurching as the second tower collapsed. OMG all the people, was all I could think. I woke Jame up and we just sat on the bed and watched the news for hours, it seemed.
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