What's for Dinner...9/11/11???
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What's everyone having today.

We have to make an appearance at a pizza party, but don't think we'll be having any, who knows, tho.
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  Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by cjs (What's everyone havi...)
I had planned on carnitas tonight - but I'm working again today and I'm not sure. I think I'll plan on something simple tonight. Maybe a tomato tart since one of the golfer's just gave us a huge bag of huge tomatoes.

Poached eggs on top!
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by Harborwitch (I had planned on car...)
Not sure yet, I have some chicken thawed out. Have some errands to run and not sure what time we'll be home so I'm sure it'll be something simple
  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by DFen911 (Not sure yet, I have...)
We just had machaca and a mimosa for breakfast so I'm incredibly stuffed so food sounds bad right now but I think my husband is going to make a meatloaf so we can have leftovers for sandwiches tomorrow and then some to freeze as well.
  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by Trixxee (We just had machaca ...)
I don't know. Possibly burgers.
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by Gourmet_Mom (I don't know. Possi...)
Italian. Stuffed shells and sausage.

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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by BarbaraS (Italian. Stuffed sh...)
Garlic shrimp over pasta and sliced fresh tomatoes. I can't believe we are still getting good tomatoes and are not tired of them either!

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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by Mare749 (Garlic shrimp over p...)
It is going to be a scorcher! Summer in September!

My friend is coming over and bringing a picnic, so not sure what we are having. I have watermelon, chips, and dip. My chair is waiting for me under the willow tree by the lake.
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  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by Mare749 (Garlic shrimp over p...)
Tonight it's the Pesto Chicken Melt from April 2011. I'm also slow cooking a chuck shoulder roast for tomorrow nights Beef Taquitos. It really smells good in my house right now. If I have any energy left later, I want to make Apple Vol-au-vents w/cinnamon & cream sauce, but that may not happen, because the NFL season kicks off today. I'll be watching the Seattle Seahawks/San Francisco 49ers game.
  Re: Re: What's for Dinner...9/11/11??? by losblanos1 (Tonight it's the Pes...)
Young son's girlfriend wants to cook with me and has today off. I've been working on clearing out the fridge before our vacation, so the goal is to work with what's on hand. Picked up some Tri-tip steaks at Sam's yesterday and will make them with an Italian rub. We'll have a roasted red pepper soup, and grilled veggies on polenta. I had half a watermelon left, so I turned it into sorbet. Should be good and the only thing I had to buy was the meat!

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