Braised Corned Beef
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Can anyone tell me why/if it is important to drain the water every hour of cooking for the recipe in Cuisine April 1999? Would it work just to let it stay in the same water?
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Welcome to the forum, betts - I'm on the road with no magazines, but someone will be by before long to help you out. Off the top of my head, tho, I can't see why the request that.
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I'm sorry. I don't have that issue. I will try a search to see if anybody has posted anything about that. Welcome to the forum, BTW.

I just finished checking. No luck. Hopefully, someone else will help.
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I just read the preamble to the recipe and it says that it is so it is not just cooking in salt water. You are discarding the salty water and adding fresh water in so it will not be so salty.
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That's what I thought it might be. I guess it's been a long time since I read the whole thing! Thanks!
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Glad someone had the answer, Betts. Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to jump into any of our discussions at any time.
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I just soak in ice cold water and rinse really well if I think the corned beef might be really salty. Never had a problem.

Welcome Betts! Hope that you'll stick around and join the happy gang here.
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