Bravo's Top Chef, 2011 - ***SPOILER****
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Please don't come to this thread unless you've seen the latest episode of the program as we are "outing" the results as the happen weekly!

So Far - here's what we've discussed so far and transferred to this thread:

CubanGirl - BTW, Top Chef Texas that started Wed. evening looks really promising as well. Some very accomplished chefs plus some with less credentials but appear to have talent. Should be good.

Labs - As for Top Chef, they are really being brutal with some of the eliminations, already. I'll say only that much so as to avoid any spoilers.

cjs - I love the premise of this new Top Chef - I can't say I thought the judges were brutal. Those first two would have been gone from any kitchen I was in charge of immediately!

The first jerk was just asked to be kicked out and the 2nd fellow offered up a plate that looked like someone had already eaten it. Sounds like if he had held his plate back and given his explanation, he might have been added to the 'bubbles.'

The little gal who didn't have time to add her sauce was given a 2nd chance, so.........

Labs - Just seemed a bit brutal, in contrast to other shows, when they eliminated people in the middle of cooking, before they had even gotten to complete a dish or have it tasted. Most shows wouldn't eliminate anyone until the appointed tasting time, so it just seemed sudden to me.

CubanGirl - Oh boy, last night's was good. I thought the comments were fair, though I still can't stand the English judge. More later after folks have seen it.

cjs - Didn't we decide if we haven't seen the show we'll stay away from this thread?? I hope so.

I think Alton Brown better stick to hosting before he gets punched in the nose!! What an a$$! You don't talk down to accompllished chefs as he did last night.

Sharon - I have to agree that that English judge seems a bit of a nit. I was surprised at last night's outcome, may have to watch it again - while I'm not doing anything (rather than trying to cook dinnner)

CubanGirl - I don't remember AB's comments as being inappropriate, but I might have missed it. I think he just tells it like it is, and is not intimidated by arrogant chefs (Chiarello can be very obnoxious and is not always a good sport IMHO, though I think he is a great chef, and Geoffrey as much as I like him did not follow the rules, ditto for Marcus.)

BTW, my crystal ball worked this time

Sharon - Chiarello was certainly an arrogant a$$! I used to like him, I guess fame has gone to his head.


And, that brings up to date.

We watched last night and everyone is in place. Looks like a pretty good group. Anxious for next week to start it all off.

Must say I especially like the way the 'bubble' was handled and I was very surpised at how many of the 'chefs' were so upset as to what to cook for their dish! Doesn't every chef/cook have a fall back dish that is outstanding (at least in their minds) that can be pumped up for presentation?? If they don't, they'd better get something in their repetoire fast!!
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Just to clarify: much of the above was copied and pasted from the original thread where there had been joint discussion of The Next Iron Chef and Top Chef, so if you see names, dishes, etc. that you don't remember from Top Chef, just ignore them as having been from The Next Iron Chef.

Back to the show...

I thought the bubble was handled well, too. Not surprised by the results. Haven't settled upon any particular "favourites" among the chefs, yet, but that will happen now that they actually have the 16 and I see them more often.

While I'm away, I'll still be watching the shows, but shall not be posting any comments until I get back.
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Isn't that what I said....with fewer words????
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One thing I was happy to see was that the chefs that prepared a good dish using the needed ingredient were advanced as opposed to chefs that had lots of ingredients and garnishes. I have agreed with all the eliminations so far. This one will be lots of fun and I think I have a couple of favorites, but won't be sure until I see them cook again.

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