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Before taking my trip, I had seen a commercial for a new cooking show, but I had forgotten about it until now.

Sunday nights, at 8PM Eastern, Chef Aarón Sánchez has a new show: Aarón Loves NY...

... in Spanish on Utilísima.

This network, which I have seen on my Honduran cable system for quite some time, became available on many U.S. cable systems back in June. It's not a cooking-only channel (e.g. El Gourmet), but a general home channel with cooking, crafts and other things.

Since I just remembered it and it isn't Sunday, I haven't seen it, yet, but I've made a note to remind myself to watch it. I'll say more about it once I have seen it.

Those of you who understand Spanish should check it out. Those who don't, but who DO happen to have Utilísima on their cable, should give it a try, possibly checking the SAP and/or closed-caption (maybe C2 or C3, instead of C1) to see if there may be some English available for you.

Anyway, Sánchez is usually interesting as a judge on Chopped, so maybe some of you will enjoy his show.
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I watched his show with someone else about the 'hottest dish' around and while I like him, didn't care for the show. I'd probably like this one better.
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