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So Marina gave me these wonderful dried mushrooms for Christmas! I want to make the most of them. I figured you guys would know best how to do that. I found This . Do you think I could get away with wonton wrappers? I can't remember what Jean told me to do to get the dried crumbled dough out of my pasta roller.

Any other ideas?

I have SO gotta do THIS One! I'll scale it down for a roaster next weekend. Would truffle oil and salt be overkill?
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Aside from boiling water, wine is also a good soaking liquid for reconstituting dried mushrooms.

Also, don't forget: they're dried. That means you don't have to be in a rush to use them. They'll last a LONG time.
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First of all, Daphne, NEVER wash your pasta roller. After all this time (since your problem) your machine ought to be nice and dry. Just take a dry pastry brush and brush the hell out of it. Shake it gently also to dislodge some of the pieces. Then run folded paper towels (dry also) thru the settings and you should be good to go.

That recipe sounds just delicioius!!!
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Thanks, Jean. I couldn't remember. I knew not to use water. I guess I'll give it a try.
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I assume the dried mushrooms are porcinis? One of my favorite restaurant dishes of all time are the mushroom ravioli appetizer from El Dorado in Reno. It is an old family recipe and they won't give it out. I tried to replicate it with wonton wrappers, but was not fully successful. Yours sounds much better. I cobbled a bechamel with pancetta, cremini and scallions from Hazan and others that did turn out wonderful. I guess I should try again using your recipe and real pasta (have never used my pasta attachment). Hope you'll let us know how you like it.
One of my very favorite porcini recipes is a recipe I tested for CI, Pub Style Tips with mushroom onion gravy. Let me know if you'd like it.

PS, I rinse the mushrooms and discard and then soak. That way I can strain and reserve the mushroom liquid to use in rice or add to a soup.
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Oh, I'd LOVE your tips and gravy recipe! I would be tempted to make the gravy to go with my filets using the tenderloin end I'll have left over after cutting our steaks Saturday night! That would be PERFECT!
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We make Russian mushroom barley soup out of those all the time. I can give u a recipe if you want
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Oooooo, today we're going to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Mushroom capital of the USA! I hope to score some dried mushrooms!

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Don't forget to pick up some Cream of Mushroom Soup at Hugo's!
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Oh Daphne both of those recipes sound delicious! I'd love the mushroom barley soup recipe

Costco used to have these large plastic jars of dried mushrooms - don't know if they have them now since we haven't been in ages. They had morrels, oyster, shitake, and some others. We just love them to pieces. I have about half of my jar left.

When I could get mushrooms at a really good price I'd grab a bunch and dehydrate them, hmmmmmmm wonder where those are. I have got to look!
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