Cleaning Our Pantrys??
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How are we all doing?? I was doing a miserable job, until this morning...what incentive. I've had a small frig in the pantry which sat on the floor and meant I had to practically stand on my head to get at anything.

Roy built the simplest storage area that the frig now sits on and everything is at eye level. Now, I also have extra storage, so naturally one thing led to another until the whole pantry is darn near rearranged. (probably never find anything, either!).

On to pantry items - rearranged a quart jar of Chukkar Sour Cherrys that I've had for almost 2 years. And, had one Pillsbury pie crust nearing expiration date - Just took the best smelling cherry cobbler out of the oven. Oh My.
[Image: CherryCobbler.jpg]

Also, grabbed a can of smoked clams - and tho we usually just have a half a sandwich or bowl of soup in the evening, I'm going to make us a tortilla pizza with the clams, little pkg. of spicy sausage, pesto, and marinara. What a pig out day this will be......

But, that's two less things in the pantry! burp!
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I can normally pass up sweets, Jean, but there is no way I could pass on that cobbler. It's a real weakness with me. Looks scrumptious.

Glad you brought this up, it's time to empty out the cabinets.

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My grandmother and mother were/are hoarders of the worst kind, so I determined I'd break the cycle. Therefore, I don't have a lot of stuff in my pantry.

I sure wish I had some sour cherries hanging out in the back of the pantry, though. Jean that cobbler looks divine! I'm literally drooling!
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Cobbler looks delicious! I had been doing ok with the pantry. Need to get back to it. I should just take everything out and go from there.

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