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Anyone else having issues with it? Lately I open it, it loads if I go check someone's page or look at updates it freezes. I have to completely close out of the browser and reboot. I'm not using IE, but rather Safari and it also does this on Firefox.

Edit - also locks up on google chrome
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I'm almost afraid to say I'm having no problems....................
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It's so weird this started a few nights ago and it's only on the FB page. Every other site I go to works like a charm.

I thought maybe they were in the process of rolling out the forced Timeline layout, but I see that's not being forced yet and when I can log on many still have the original layout.
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I've been having trouble commenting of pictures. Very slow.....I don't know if it's my netbook. I should try commenting from my regular computer.

I am not happy about the timeline thing. Mine hasn't converted yet but I find it very hard to read on other people's pages.
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Well I've tried for an hour to do a post. It loads and loads and loads..then goes back to the posting screen where I can click on Post. I thought ok to heck it when and clicked to go to my home screen and again won't load.

I give up. I've dumped my cache and not much more I can do.

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