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Been cooking out of the C@H book Cuisine Lite.

First up - Churrasco Skewers with Chimichurri Rojo. This was a 10!! It's flank steak marinated in red wine vinegar, evo, tomato paste, garlic, red pepper flakes and cumin. Now these by themselves were good. But combine that with the citrus salsa and the jasmine rice and you have a wonderful dish! The only change I made was I marinated the the beef for 4 hours. It doesn't call for marinating at all.

Second was tonights dinner - Beef Stroganoff with Herbed Noodles.

This dish was very tasty. However there needs to be modifications. The liquids need to be doubled as far as the chicken stock and beef stock are concerned. I used a whole can of beef stock and 1/2 can of chicken and the sauce was very, very thick. Maybe the flour should be a bit more than 1/4 cup but less than 1/2 as called for. But this with the noodles and dill sour cream was great!

Last weekend I did the mini Margherita Pizza's. These were good, but nothing marvelous about them. I had some leftover dough and used goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and basil. Much better flavors for an appy.

Tomorrow night I'm doing the "Fried" Chicken with the almond crust.
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Thanks for the reviews. I assume for the flank steak, since they are skewers they are grilled? Do you think it would work in a grill pan? Is this the recipe .
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Thanks Denise - I'm assuming this is the 2nd Lite publication? The book Ihave has the Brazilian Flank Steak on the cover and doesn't look like it's the one.

Going to have to look for the newer one, I guess.
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I agree, those Churrasco skewers are a 10. The recipe can also be found in the August 2007 issue, page 7 (#64). I've cooked several recipes from this issue of Cuisine lite.

Sage & Almond crusted chicken- The sauce makes the dish complete, but tasty without it. A keeper.

Rosemary & orange pork tenderloin- Delicious! Another keeper.

Pork scaloppine- The sauce is basically a piccata sauce, delicious though and is now in our "rotation".

Chicken Tinga- Half the chilis and it would be perfect. Excellent Mexican flavors.
Edited to say- Halve the chilies.
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It is flank steak and they are grilled. The recipe also says that you can use a grill pan on the stovetop. The link you gave is the recipe. It really is quite delicious.
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We really enjoy that flank steak as well! It's been a while since we've had it. Thanks for the reminder.
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Thanks for the reviews, Denise! I need to mark these to make. I THINK I have this book?
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There's nothing quite like a good Churrasco with Chimichurri. Although I like Steak, it has has never been my everything the way it is for some people. Churrasco, though, is probably my favourite way to have steak AS steak (i.e. other than Stroganoff) and when it's done right, it's sublime. I've never had that C@H recipe, but I could easily see that it would be a winner.
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Ok did the almond "fried" chicken. The flavors were wonderful! The only thing I would downgrade was it never got near as brown as the picture shows. I believe it was cooked in a confection oven which has the hot air circulating around the meat. This is very misleading and may cause folks to over-cooked their chicken trying to get it as brown as "fried" chicken or as the picture.
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Maybe just spread some softened butter on the skin. Works for me, without a convection oven. Not sure for that particular recipe, though.
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