Rstd Fingerling Potatoes w/Caviar & Crème Fraîche
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a Charlie Trotter dish that needs to have a space of its own. If you ever want to blow some sock off at a dinner party, this would be one of the top dishes to make. It's very simple and absolutely delicious

[Image: RstdTatoesDish3.jpg]

Naturally I forgot the parsley, so had to take another picture, this is how it should be served.
[Image: RstdTatoeswCaviarandCremeFraiche2.jpg]

I'll post the recipe in the morning.

What to Drink with What You Eat - suggested (along with a martini) that Tacate and dry Pilsner beers were good with caviar! And they sure are. Roy brought home 2 pilsners - one Miller Lite was a better match with the food, but Red Hook had a much deeper flavor. The Tecata beat out both Pilsners with the dish matching and the flavor.

Also, had to have another "Funk" martini - they are my new favorites!!

Another dish to be able to use all the black caviar this weekend was this one - just rye bread topped with an egg mixture and caviar. Very tasty, tho.

[Image: CaviarandEgg1.jpg]

Now, I'm anxious to have dinner guests and serve the Trotter dish.
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Have mercy! Jean, you're killing me here!
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