Dinner Thurs 3/15
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Where is Jean??

We're have Shephard's Pie made with smoked lamb and a sweet potatoe topping. Side will be stewed cabbage as it's 25 cents a lb here!!! I see lots of it our future.
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Jean is in Tacoma, at an RV show. Thanks for starting this thread Lorraine.
Tonight it's a smoked salmon salad BLT.
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And, now we be home. Close, Blane. We went to the RV show in Tacoma a week or so ago and yesterday, we just headed to the Everett/Tacoma/Puyallup/Sumner area to check out dealers and see some of the travel trailers they have.

but, boy did we eat, also!! Steamed clams last night, Calamari on the way home today...and leftovers. So, that will be our dinner tonight.

Thanks for starting the thread Lorraine!
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Hope you find a great one, Jean!!
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Sounds like fun Jean. It would just make me want to throw rocks at the motor home. Sigh.

We got an invitation to have a beer with our new work campers (foodies, I think) in their 5th wheel last night. They have the greatest kitchen ever - with a full sized side by side! Grrrrr. Of course they've got 3 slides and enough room to have a dance.

Tonight is REALLY going to be the prawns! They are in the fridge, thawed and ready to go.
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