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Not appy, but an app for the iPad (iPhone too I think). It's called My Recipe Book. Very simple, attractive and super intuitive. I've imported recipes from different websites, put in my own with photos. It makes a shopping list and mails it to your phone or prints it out. I'm really pleased with it. It was only $1.99. I may never lose another recipe again!
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hmmm, another check mark... iPad.
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Thanks Cis, I don't have an ipad yet...but my girls both have the iphone, so they might like this.

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I took a look at this app, but it is not for iPad yet, only iPhone. Also it doesn't say whether it lets you import from the web or other sources. Sounds really good, except I wouldn't want to have to reenter recipes.
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I think that might be the wrong app. The one I have is called My Recipe Book, is that what you lookrd at? The one I have is let you import from any website. I've already loaded it to my iPad check again
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