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Some of you may already know this, but it is an amazing discovery for me
At that Mexican cooking lesson, Chef Pablo mentioned having fresh herbs on hand at all times and you can't : - Take the herbs and lay them on a paper towel, microwave for 7 seconds and put in a zip loc bag in the freezer-
I have been doing this and it works quite well. The herbs (so far Basil and Cilantro) seem so much fresher than dried and look better longer too
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Hmmmmm - will have to try that. I've been freezing parsley for years but hadn't thought about basil and cilantro. Thanks for the idea!
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Thanks - I will have to try this - Good Idea.

Never seem to use up Herbs fast enough.

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I do freeze cilantro all the time, and have tried many methods tyring to get a good basil, will sure try this. Thanks Cis.
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Can't wait to try this. Thanks Cis.

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